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Has given me by the constitution. I'd take that very seriously. There's a reason for it. And I want that reason for not abuse. Okay show. You're getting you're getting a conflict here the governor wants to get rid of the so-called legislative immunity. You've got state lawmakers that are going to hold onto as much power as they possibly can even if they don't need it day, they might so they're not gonna let that go. This could come down to a vote by us the voters something that gets put on the ballot. And we get to choose. Whether or not we would want to repeal this. So would you would you vote in support of repealing legislative immunity in the state of Arizona? We asked you that on our open mic line six zero two two hundred two seven three three. And here's what you had to say. Hey, Jason Glendale, maybe not a complete repeal because I'm sure there's something that's good for as far as the legislative immunity. But perhaps an upgrade is certainly valid at this point. It's it's certainly not the wild west it isn't. But what is it needed for like why why do we have it? I think the governor hit it on the head. It's unnecessary. It's a solution or a prompt solutions in search of a problem. And there's no problem here. This is a law that was meant to address something that's never happened. And I can't imagine a scenario with which it would happen to believe that there's some sort of conspiracy out there even today in two thousand nineteen where where somebody could. Have a lawmaker arrested and prevent them from voting on an important piece of legislation. It's so far fetched that I just can't imagine why we need a law like this overturning something on the constitution, though, is is a big deal. And we've got to ultimately put it to vote. If it goes to a vote, I can't imagine that voters won't overwhelmingly overturn this. I think seventy percent of voters would say, absolutely. It should be overturned. I haven't even Tony. And I'm calling from Phoenix. As far as the legislature is being held accountable. Get rid of this legislation that they can have immunity. I would support fully we're all human beings. We all make mistakes, and you should be accountable for that mind being held accountable just as a regular citizen, just because you make the law doesn't make it any better or any different. There's other costs more open mic line. Brought to you by Carol royse, the leader in Arizona real estate. We'll get your home sold guaranteed or show buy it for cash. Go to carolhasthebuyers dot com. I know that people like to hold onto power and lawmakers I might need it sometime. It's it's like why you keep that old sweatshirt. Well, you might need it at some point in time. I'm not gonna throw it away. Just yet because I'm I might need it. But here's the thing. We have more examples of lawmakers abusing this. Then we do of lawmakers being protected by it. So it warrants some investigation it warrants this discussion, I support the governor in his proposal to abolish it. And it doesn't surprise me. It's getting negative reaction from lawmakers because hey, the ones before me how did I wanted to just in case but come on? We we need to do something about this. I how about legislative immunity if the lawmaker can prove that they are being. Being impeded from vote in some way. Then perhaps. Yeah, you can call it just late of immunity, but if you're Paul Moseley, and you're driving home to lake havasu city capital journ, your hundred twenty miles from the capital at this point. And and you're going one hundred and twenty miles an hour, you can't claim legislative immunity. I just don't think you know, if you can actually establish that you being prevented from from doing your job is a lawmaker. That's one thing. It's another thing just to say, well, the legislature's in session. So for the next five months, I get to get away with driving a hundred miles an hour. That's ridiculous. And it's being abused. We all know, it's being abused. And if the legislature doesn't overturn it at least they should try to modify it. So that it does what it's intended to do even though it'll never be used for that. Right. You know, and hold my breath on this one. I don't know. I mean, the governor wants it. We'll see if it actually goes anywhere because the state lawmakers don't will vote on it. I'd vote for it. But. Well, we actually have the opportunity to do. So. I don't know. I my Spidey senses are saying now like this is one that will just kind of fall on the back burner sadly enough. Hey, if you subscribe to the verse Saint James, Pamela Hughes shell podcast, you can do. So right now, Android or iphone never have to miss a thing. It is brought to you this week by stampede plumbing. So what does a five or party? Yeah. Five or party? Have you heard of that parents some of them bent outta shape? Others think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Yeah. We'll talk about it. Coming up next after Bob McClay gets us up to speed with all the headlines. A our traffic traffic..

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