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The band lived abroad as tax exiles frequent house guests who often make it down to the studio to jam and record and as such the recording sessions were loose and unorganized the album was initially met with mixed reviews but eventually the album will be deemed as some of the stone's best work his albums of all time stand by your man released in January of nineteen sixty nine Tammy Wynette stand by your man was our fourth studio album its title track topped the country singles chart her fifth single to do so he proved to be our most successful song and one of those recorded songs and all of country music it said the song only took fifteen minutes to write in line it was criticized by people who claim the lyrics were anti feminist in the name dire straits dire straits were British rock band that formed in the late seventies he became one of the world's best selling artists with sales of over one hundred million albums in terms of their name they originally went by cafe racers it said that there's no real origin story of any dire straits although it's been rumored that a fellow musician gave them the name when they were rehearsing in a friend's kitchen the morning news weekdays at six three oh WCCO and there are so many great places to go is so many great restaurants to go and see here in the.

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