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Huge proponent of activism would call me in the creation of time travel back to two thousand eight so i've been just watch the manchester united team on repeat because i i want that old school. I want all my memories to be fresh. I want i want to like watch ryan. Giggs paul scoles michael carrick rio gary neville although just bad as s. players for the first time again and now they're all becoming coaches and pundits kevin. I feel old shit yeah. I feel oldest fuck anyway. Let's move on to who <hes> twitter first question comes from at t- underscores guy underscored ti remember his name. You might be hearing it again soon. So sky says if you could have any player in the world other than messy rinaldo play for the u._s. men's national team. Who would it be ou re question. That's tough <hes> martin i well. I think the smart choice to be perfectly honest. I don't think any single player is really going to benefit the ten outfielders that we have so. I'm going to go with the best goalkeeper. That's how i want. You copped out with a goalkeeper. Come on give me some action shit dude. I'm playing at smart. I don't look i've got i've got a pair of shoes. I got a pair of shoes and the flop is as king jack jack. I'm i'm gonna play it safe and cole. I'm gonna call. I'm sorry i'm going to check. I'm going to check out i don't. I don't wanna wait into this mess because i don't think and even if you've got christiano that our team would be really that great to be honest we still are playing michael bradley for god's sake so i'm going with with the safe bet dude other handler. You'll like there's humor virgil van dyke. Oh i was gonna say virgil van dyke which is kind of a safe so i'm kind of the bit i'm so now to all right. If i was going to pick one player attacking player i would pick. I really like mohamed salah. I'm a big fan of him man. I know you're not the biggest such diverse your that gives. You always man if anything the u._s. needs some frigging goals. I just love him so much such such a talent maybe i'm just still star struck from when he scored the most goals in premier league season and it was such a magical thing to watch. I just second complaint. Okay all right dude. I'm just so like infatuated alongside third fourth. Was it yeah yeah. I'm pretty sure yeah anyway. I'm just crazy about the guy if i was going to any other attacking player maybe like agrees mun. I wouldn't say neymar. I would not want him on my team. You know what i'm saying. Mugabe would be perfect. You would be the perfect player for the u._s. National team young youthful plane of pool sit sergeant <hes> mckinney all these guys guys that'd be fun. That'd be so sick exact stefan shutout. I'd also low and i think that's you know like a safe. Attacking move just because aziz is bad ass for poland so as used to carrying the team so he can just jump right in there and his goal machine. He's a lethal poll any full manning in front of goal. I was talking about from france. Are you talking about. I know i said let him dallas go. Oh sorry i didn't hear you. I'm such a piece of shit. Why i packer words in your mouth martin all right. It's all right. I did think for a hot second that imbaba <unk> was eleven dallas game was implosion is like so i'm pretty sure that he's polish but let me just think of a couple other countries that i can just throw out there as pure gases. This is if he's actually not polish like oh yeah right hungarian right shoot my guess no of course it's it's norway of course leninsky dansk from they're all right next question. This is the same question but we'll just you know. I don't want to miss out on a question at free kick tyler other podcasts at the pre kick pod great show <hes> <hes> thoughts disperse kev specifically at me. Whoa whoa hey there's another person on this show tyler so just so you know. We've already talked about this..

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