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The draft is complete With mr element being the browns who shop and crowd worse. We'll get to the eighteenth round and a little bit but one other player as long as we're talking about flyer wide receivers here in the seventeenth round. And by the way there was a bunch of them picked jacoby myers in new england. You think he's going to be the number one receiver there this year because it seems like The buzz Over the last. I don't know month and a half. You don't really hear a whole lot. About new england. Receivers except for jacoby myers and he could be the number one guy there you subscribing to that theory absolutely not. I think he's a limited ballplayer. Think we've seen the best play out of and Nelson aguilar will get a lot of targets. We'll see if nelson can catch them doesn't necessarily holland is what makes all the tough ones and doesn't make the easy ones but with the tide in centric offense what they're going to do with james white jacoby myers is is just a a relative You you used to refer to tidy and that was a green bay and moved onto philadelphia's a catch it and fall down player. I kinda think that's how myers is as wide. Receiver is not a player to get excited about. I don't support you in this for man. Hey i'll tell you this. Tory hope turned a hall of fame career out of catching it and falling down which kept him and kept him on the field. So it can work tori holtz in the hall of fame right or am i making that up. I know i yeah. I think that's maybe not so sure. Well okay in any of probably. Probably i'm sure he has. Yeah maybe gave. The isaac bruce Induction speech i have no idea Okay so the acs brown. Let's get to this year. Darrell johnson to ryan lifts quarter. I'll patterson to evans silva to complete his draft. Cj zoema to jeff tear abbassi. It's his third tight end. Marquez eldest gatling debilitate muzio. Dwayne eschede to Read and connor then denzel men's the jets receiver. That's kinda fallen out of favor. I guess based on the latest reports. They're our vendor. Goes with the jets stack and i know. He's adjusts jets fan. He gets back wilson and denzel mims as his final two selections tastes them hill goes through might and guzzi. Lack and joe goes a tyler. Conklin the tight end From where is he with jack minnesota. that's probably what. Yeah minnesota's kind of conklin. Yes thank you sammy. Watkins is Mike resulting schultz. The third presidents elected by shane. Helen and then a pair of receivers ended daria slayton to norian. And the i'm brown to mike show and adam kroger's talk a little bit of the jets backfield here pharaoh high johnson's There's been a couple of positive reports about positive reports but just saying that he's been getting some run or he did get some run with the number ones there. is is that. Is that backfield a mess or is it. Michael carter there. I you know i. I'm gonna stop myself right. Now you're gonna say. Tevin coleman is the guy own right..

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