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But in new port Richey we do have a rollover crash already this morning that would be on state road fifty four east bound east of Madison street and state road fifty four is closed here I seventy five up to speed throughout the area don't have any problems right now on the Howard Franklin or on the sky way this supports laws by the Florida department transportation Hey you the one who just thought about checking your phone how about don't that texture on red notification to wait till you get there did you know you can now be stopped and ticketed for texting and driving in Florida if so put that phone down and focus on driving no traffic update five twenty K. long newsradio WFLA it's thirteen minutes after five on A. M. Tampa Bay and course hurricane Dorian is going to be our focus here this morning and now expected to be a cat three as it moves ashore along the east coast of Florida and it should be early on Monday morning this is certainly going to be a major disruption for Labor Day weekend for people have plans and I can only imagine what it's going to cost Disney because Disney is going to be at the heart of it on Labor Day you already had your plans no yeah they're done yeah we had planned to fly to Charleston South Carolina and spend the night I think there and then one in in Hilton head then another one in Savannah and another in Amelia island and then down to Disney and then home then we had the long weekend planned but that's exactly the area it's going to be impacted by the hurricane I mean no use going up to you don't place Charleston and Savannah it'll play store hunter this weekend no no storm hunters there and but there will be no lines at Disney boy has got off the ride you're right back on they're also opening galaxies edge today I believe so that's going to be pretty disappointing for some people they're trying to find the new Star Wars world they have yeah they were open to to today and they picked this week to open it because of the Labor Day weekend crowds and of course crowds are going to be there but ended who knows a thing may change Dick double as we see and I thought it was gonna hit Porto Rico it's this seems a worse as passport recover will have updates on Dorian throughout the morning but most of these forget the spaghetti models another name for can we come up with another name yeah linguine model angel hair models ten day Hey model short track though well anyway below most of the models have it coming up along the east coast and then turning in line was fifteen minutes after five and we're gonna be hearing from least ban on this thing in a moment so we're going to go right to Chris track man right.

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