Chief Legal Analyst, Dan Abrams, United States discussed on Wisconsin's Sports Weekend with Justin Garcia


Is abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams good morning to you both i'm going to start again with you pierre how significant is this indictment what are you see from fifty thirteen nationals it shows the growth of the russian operation targeting us election what muller was trying to do here is only one component of his investigation he was trying to show how the russians engaged in the social media campaign against the united states is stunning hundreds of employees conducting operations targeting the us they actually sent people to the united states it cost millions of dollars to do millions of dollars in ads on facebook and twitter and everywhere else they could possibly do this dan president trump tweeted after the indictment came out quote the results of the election were not impacted the trump campaign did nothing wrong no collusion he says this proves in this indictment no collusion do you see it that way no other there's nothing in this indictment to prove that there was no collusion order it didn't have an impact the purpose of this indictment would not be to assess the impact on the us election the purpose of this indictment would be to assess the intent the efforts made at cetera and that it does in great and very specific detail the question of collusion is an open one why because is pure points out this investigation is being done in sections in pieces the peace that relates to possible collusion relates to hacking we don't know what the result of that investigation is what we do know is that robert muller has felt that people like george papadopoulos that people like michael flynn had valuable enough information that he cut deals with them meaning they were facing much more serious time and moeller decided you know what what they have is important enough to meet in the context of this investigation that i'm going to give them deals in exchange for that information we don't know what that's going to lead to yet so to.

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