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Wait somebody is eventually going to get it right but you have to have the right mind said if you are going there to understand exactly what it is the challenge the history how important football is to that area and that you can be the star he could be like bernie kosar now you that that you get that guy who really wants to be the now bernie was from the cleveland area and bernie was a pretty good quarterback you know you're not going to be the jim brown of quarterbacks when you go there but you have a chance to be like bernie kosar or brian sipe that you know you've got a chance to do something and the will mortar wise u yohnka if you're brown's management and you hear that does that change your opinion in any way or do you just go with what you watch on film uh i wanna know that you i want to know how much you know about the organisation the history there i wanna know because i think you really have to be embedded you have to especially at that position like you're going to be the leader and you have to understand exactly what this fan base has been through that they you know yet paul brown there and jim brown there and they were champions before the super bowl era and you know the the team move to baltimore then you've got a new team in there like oh there art modell i kept to know a little bit ernest byner the drive i think he got to know a little bit about it and understand that they've had quite a bit of heartache there and you want to change that i don't think and i don't know if it's true about josh rosen because now there's another story coming out to say that josh rosen didn't say that he didn't want to play in cleveland now if i'm is people i put that out there i i i don't want somebody already coming in entitled and i know we've talked about this and.

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