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That traitor we're going to do are coded 19 update and we are five months into the cove it vaccine roll out five minutes already. How are the vaccine's working Well, of course what you're looking for on any type of vaccine. According to the CDC, and everybody who's involved in it is that the vaccines are safe and effective. And we're looking at the effectiveness of it. You know, in the At the beginning, Hmm. And they have a tremendous amount of data coming out of the United Kingdom and Israel. There, the two countries who are the farthest along On their vaccination for the population, and they're keeping very good data. And the effectiveness is really hard to refute. They're retesting. Also seem to be effective. There's still some question about the new one in India and with the Brazilian But for the most part, the effectiveness of the vaccine is impossible to refute. Which is actually quite amazing that the science that was behind that on getting that out and getting it as quickly as they did is really almost a scientific miracle. So Kudos on that. So the effectiveness is right there where it should be. So the next sense are effective. But are they safe? Uh, that's that's the new question. The jury's kind of out on that right now. So that's that's actually the big question, because not only do you need to have effectiveness, but also a safety component on that, and right now we are getting some Interesting red flags. Actually, Hmm. Okay on the safety on the safety portion, Okay. And now if people get the vaccine They could get the cove. It's still yes, they are looking at that, as right now they're getting the data. They are finding people still getting the cove it and the vaccine is to take down hospitalizations and deaths. That's the big thing that is designed to do s so that's why they're still saying that people would still need to mask and keep social distance. Even though they have the vaccine. So what is bears? We've talked about it before And then the European version of that. Yeah, the U D R A. Uh, yeah, those air the reporting systems, and basically, that's where we're getting. That's where that you determined on the safety abortion of it, both the European reporting and on the American side, they were getting pretty alarming numbers. Now there's there's caveats to that because they're saying that anybody could report it. But we're talking about if you take all the vaccines, vaccinations that have been done. Since they've been recording it in the last 30 years. At this point, it doesn't equal the number of problems that have shown up on this vaccination yet. So combination of all vaccines before. This is kind of eclipsing that report, and they're actually saying that it's according to the center disease control, the problems are actually under reported. You know, we're actually seeing quite a bit of that, where it's not really being followed that the report should be put in. There's I think we went through the numbers one of their times before on those and those gonna actually be looked up and seeing what's going on with that. But, yeah, it's very, very high numbers on deaths, different types of problems, hospitalizations. Intergalactic reactions to the new vaccinations. Are you saying the reporting to bears and the European You could call it. You dress you D array. That's actually what they say. They say That's the European reporting system. These are the reporting systems if you have some type of reaction to the vaccine. Have outnumbered them past. Oh, vaccines for the last 30 years. Wow, if you add up everything That's in the last five months last five months, Okay, so those are numbers that anybody can look up and see. So it's not my opinion. You know, nobody cares what my opinion is. But according to the reporting, now they do put caveats in there. They sit there and say, Well, anybody can report but you know people were reporting on vaccines before. You know, I'm just doing a comparison of what was put out there. And one of the big things is that they're saying is, well, the risk of the cove. It is much higher than the vaccines, but You know, the whole thing is that you have to look at it is who's at risk. Now, I was still so sit there and say that if you're in the category of rest, let's say you're 65 or older. Hey, if you have certain types of diseases going on korma abilities, comb our abilities that go along with that cardiovascular disease, kidney problems. Time diabetes. Definitely, I would say that getting the vaccine Is certainly something that you should do because the risk of the vaccine are much less than the disease process itself. But you're talking about a whole group of people who are pretty much not at risk it all You know you're talking about young people, people pretty much 45 younger. Really don't have a risk, but they do have a risk that with the vaccination, so if you require them to get that, I don't know if that's good medicine or not, you know, Because there you always look at risk versus benefit. In any type of situation. Absolutely the vaccine. The benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk without any doubt. For about 14% of the population. You know, there's just no doubt about that. 14%. Yeah, but for we go back to the whole thing that 26% of the people Out there are completely were completely immune to the infection in the first place. 40% didn't even know that they had it, and that's usually the younger people. You know, so they would catch it and have no idea that they even have you have another 20% who have mild to moderate symptoms as bait, basically 14% of the population where the ones who are at risk With that, and at a high, very high risk. For this infection. But for those who are in those categories and don't have a high risk factor is that something that we should require them to do? Where they could be at risk for the vaccinations because you're looking at some very particular types of things that seem to be occurring, Hmm. So what kind of problems they're showing up with the vaccines? Well, mainly, it's the blood clotting. And that has a lot to do the blood clots people who are younger. Oftentimes women are much more likely, especially during the child bearing years to actually develop problems that are associated with that. So you're talking about clotting? You're talking about the cardiovascular types of problems. They're associating with this vaccination. That's one of the things that they have suspended Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca because they have a higher rate than the fires in the Moderna with the cardiovascular types of incidents, So so are these concerns about safety Valid?.

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