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And then we had dinner an over remember with john cans of ready whip. What ready with his straight sugar. A pink and white would you sprayed on everything on order and he was funny day sighing. You went to the piano. something lovely. He sang his arrangements. Shorting broad which turned up on one their later albums of their a keeping the mit mtr And is beautiful arrangement. Kind of gimme some loving treatment and to have that happen to you. Yes and isn't that elsewhere. Quite a low of some flowers recorded didn't wasn't he houses in the bedroom and they they set up kind of place to recall the he in which he would come on occasion players. Gonna synthesize count. Imagine he was going to from the house. My thanks brian. So we're gonna move on from the world of the beach boys partly because we're talking about the beach boys. The featured reuter is a californian. Won't call deanne stillman who spoke twenty. Nine palms is just being reissued fascinating book. I read it came out. I think it was from two thousand one about the mother of two young girls in in twenty nine palms in the in the maha desert by a disturbed marine who had returned to the giant military base in the california desert. She's written brennan debates about california and recently joined. vp. One of the pieces is about surf. The return of serve so just not from the new york times in september nineteen ninety. It's not just the circle. Look that's enjoying vogue. The entire surface static whether it's movies are pop. Musical books. The philosophy of suntanned non resistant is on sale now and outlets everywhere and she also provided a glossary of surfing tugs nali messy hall to never navigate. Kooks out of towners as in get off might beach and shred to rip through a wave soul surface. Do not shred. Let's just one of the the definition. There's also a pace. Richard site in mind that she were at twenty seven about phil. Spector and tom wolfe. Which is this worth mentioning. She ashes a much longer piece. That's about to come out in the independent. But i don't know if it ever did call death behind the wall of sound. This is after the murder of clocks. And it's a really interesting because she's so slightly says not the thome offers responsible for lana clarkson's death. But he's famous tycoon attain peace. He calls it the go-to piece on the man. Spawning ozzy mandy. Acid coverage hordes of unthinking scribes have taken everything spectrum has value. Well me too. Because i was so definitive wasn't started the colts of phil combines and he was able to get away with a lot of shit culminating in poland recently. Put big to roy. Cards with the enemy from substance cover enemies That's right if i'm it sort of you very. That's the house where all happened by. She was killed in song and so forth and he. He's clearly to rank. She's claiming that he produced would be records until martin that was just an arranger male toxins. And it's just extraordinary stuff. I'm the was completely drinks. And roy can feel very uneasy in this big interviews. And he's sitting in this room dark except for a fish tank. Illuminating and phil has his gums short. Show i mean. It's completely deranged quite right. He was semi. Yes yes the wasn't during was fascinating ball brother sentimental. He had a great memory. The deranged person at a memory. The invented everything. Yes he claimed to me that produce oil elvis's records you know pretty much to heartbreaker right And that you wrote the first concert in maybe eighteen months ago. She about partly by his specter book. I'm but yours. I read when it gets out of his head. It was a fantastic introduction to spite to how you look back home wagner a still listen to the records record still sound great. Whatever the man what's in a few we could talk about the new version of all things must pass where they've tried to respect rights and i think that may be something to do with war spectrum eventually did what happened to the kind of detoxifying to me. You know it's Sounds like demos was interesting because paul mccartney hated hated years for his vectored on let it be and then recently released a stripped down the spectrum version. It's dreadful yeah. I can understand mccartney. Because he thought he'd recorded these songs and that they will be and lennon gave them and harrison into spectra. Yes yes. It's very difficult for as with all things pass spectrums working with beginning and if george harrison wanted something to sound like plastic the plastic much spectacle to give away on you is one of the great specter cooling absolute..

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