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So then what that lead to then were some comments from some of his teammates like Sean Lee. And I mean, the Sean Lee comment. I don't know how you hire. Dez Bryant afterwards. Sean Lee said, how do you bring him on your team? I mean, showing lease quote Bri was first thing to say that I can get anybody off the team and have any input on the roster is absurd. Second thing I love Dez and I want the best for him. To be honest, we did, but heads because I wanted to be more accountable to this team and his teammates to be honest with you. A lot of the team felt that way. I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable. Thank you. So my point would there would be, I mean, how do you? How do you sign as Bryant? When one of the most respected players forget even Dezes ran? I mean, does is rant is bad enough to say, we're going to sign that guy for our team after he just called out teammates owner coordinator, but then you have. Have one of the most respected players in the league saying, we butted heads because I wanted him to be more accountable to this team and his teammates. A lot of the team felt that way. I think he needs to look at himself and hold himself accountable. Ouch, man, I mean, how how do you? How do you then be the GM? It says, let's sign that guy for my team. I doubt it's shame. I've always loved the way Dez plays. I love his passion. I wish he would still be out there, but I think it's tough to sign him after those comments. And by the way, maybe that's why you know he's he's his performances dropped off. Maybe he's not accountable to being in the type of shape he needed to be in and doing the things he needs to be into still be able to play at a high level. Jeez, meanwhile, Steven Jones, who helped to set off that Dez Bryant, firestorm said, if a player wants to be a cowboy, they're going to have to stand for the national anthem. Yeah, that's just not smart. And again, remember it's not at all, not at all about the anthem and whether or not guy should stand or whatever. It's not about that. What it is about though is Stephen Jones having a veiled threat. You know, when you're in a position of power. The one way you kind of give up that power is by making a rule or a threat that you can't and won't back up. And that's what happened here. That's what happened with Steven Jones. You really think he's intimate cut guys, you if you wanna be a cowboy, you gotta stay in for the anthem. So Tyron Smith, one of the best left tackles in the game. They have them. On on a great deal for the Cowboys for like six more years. If I was his agent. The first thing I would say is Tyron. You might want to consider protesting the anthem, but I don't wanna protesting them. I get that, but. The the Cowboys say, Steven Jones says, if you wanna be a cowboy, yes to an for the anthem. So this could be your ticket. This could be your way to hit free agency, you know, or to get cut. Now, here's the thing. I doubt that Steven Jones would do that. I doubt he would do that for Zeke Elliott or Dak Prescott which is why it was a dumb thing for him to say. It was a veiled threat. It was a hollow promise, and that's never a positive thing for someone in leadership to do. Never it's stupid because you're giving away your power by making comments that you clearly are not gonna be able to back up. So I don't know why he did it, but it's not real smart. And if I were one of those players like I would probably never be able to be capable of protesting the anthem so that that would be tough, but it's a good way to try to force their hand. You know, maybe they'll give you a contract extension. They're not going to cut you. Maybe they'll give you a new contracts that you stopped doing it because they save you wanna be a cowboy, you'd better stop doing it so or maybe they'll just find you. I don't know..

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