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This evening we're taking my call my pleasure what do you think okay um i think it's fantastic um i'm fifty nine i was blow we as a child because of with my hair loss or my skin or the rent she's i had cudi the hope that that was back in the seventy um i was hurt and i did not take defend against myself however i have shoes children at night taught them you back up yourself i don't care what you have to do it's totally believe it and nobody should be fully and when they have an issue with these his it was school or these girls have girls and the worst but may have an issue with these girls at full they address it right away and i stand behind them under it and and percent and i'm proud of them and when they see ends up for these cell those bullies back down right it goes do yeah because they're afraid i mean that's the other thing they don't know what to do they they they working groups yeah because others are free address it i encourage my kids i don't want them to go through what i went through that's a good point faces the cold to new jersey one on one point five greg is in lacey on new jersey wanna what point five eight greg greg you there brag uh great call back will get john donell is in delaware and new jersey wanna what 45 donalid donell no no oh i dunno i was i was going down the middle there are done l sorry here where he they can uh well um uh art speaking from experience how was bullied right also did some bullying but i learned my lesson about that real soon um you know someone can't get you too far someone else they can't but um thing i tell my kids is that um.

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