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Sunny in a really nice, looking weekend ahead with high temperatures not far from eighty degrees. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson. WBZ. Z Boston's NewsRadio. And now we're top local stories authorities in the Dominican Republic, say it was a case of mistaken identity. They say David Ortiz was not the intended target when he was shot a week and a half ago. They say it man, sitting at the same table wearing similar clothing was the intended target Ortiz is still at Mass General hospital in good condition. The scuba diver who was found dead this week in Montana is from Massachusetts local news reports. Search and rescue teams recovered the body of forty year old Jesse Travers Hubbell of Somerville on Tuesday. His death has been ruled in accidents drowning the woman who helped hide Whitey Bolger for sixteen years is out of prison and back in Massachusetts WBZ's, Karyn regal spoke with Patricia Donahue, whose husband was murdered by Bolger, widow. Patricia Donahue is trying to be a peace now. You know, every time that it's gonna be over something else comes up. So I think it's kind of nice that dyslexia part of it that might end you know, once in a while when people say, Greg was a model prisoner. She wants you to remember what grade did Catherine, Greg. Is that a halfway house on Cape Cod? The attorney for Kevin Spacey's accuser says his client cannot find the cell phone. He's been offered to turn over to the defense Spacey is accused of groping the man at an an tuck it bar. The judge is now giving them until July eighth to find that phone Suzanne saws Ville WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio everybody knows Hampton beach, New Hampshire.

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