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Stop IT RYAN. Before I go. I got to tell you about profile plan com profile by Sanford. It was a weight loss program developed by doctors and researchers at Sanford Health and ultimately from late July until right in the midst of the holidays. I lost fifty pounds. And the key to it was the connectivity and the help I got from those at profile in terms of recalibrating awful eating habits that I had and learning how to make this a sustainable change. That's a key thing when you think about you know crash diets. This isn't one of those I mean. Think about just eat as little as you can for XYZ amount of time you'll lose a bunch of wait. No no this is about the long haul. Because if you're if you're not able to continue the activities that you like to do if you're not able to do this for a long period of time then why do it. Well that's where profile by Sanford comes in. It's a sustainable lifestyle. Change opportunity ton of people are having success with it new locations opening all the time. And that's a key to is. I'm really impressed. How they've changed. What they do or at least how they do it to continue that connectivity with customers in these weird time so virtual meetings curbside pickup There's an APP that the that they put out that you can have on your phone that tracks the food into things activities and all of that so the work that they're doing to stay connected and they're still taking on new customers. They WanNa talk with you and maybe if it's a fit then you can start down that lifestyle journey with profile by Sanford Profile Plan Dot com get to profile plants.

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