Raquel discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


Coming in and it turns out to be the best incision they ever made i do know that i think in that scenario in that scenario i think that in the long run i think it was better for rocky oh the continued i mean i think for just off of a mental health wise off of the mental remembering that you that you said no moss live with that for the rest of your life you know what i mean yeah wing that and then never knowing just depends on the scenario like i didn't feel like is if raquel was in the i i didn't feel like at that moment i don i won't looking from the outside i didn't feel like that moments she was in one of those like her corner have been trying to stop the fight the whole fight and then now it's time to stop it you know what i mean i feel like rock shell i don't know man that's like i say tough spot to be yeah it's really it's easy just to to just crap on the coaches and the right the way it ended where all right i guess she was right she really was done because their nose exploded and you knew or knows banged up so it's easier for me but as you come out afterwards saying that that was the best decision yeah everybody's i'm glad that that that my coaches bait that call you know you said there's gonna be some scenarios and i know that there's a lot of coaches out there that will completely disagree with me there's gonna be some scenarios in the final comes back and says hey look no more and if and it's over.

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