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Chosen, the way the British parliamentary system works. The prime minister is not chosen by the people, but by the majority party. And parliament, the president has given the attorney general, the green light declassified documents related to two thousand sixteen Trump campaign surveillance, and Trump issuing a memo Thursday ordering the intelligence community to cooperate with attorney general William bars investigation and survey until the Trump two thousand sixteen campaign in the origins of the rush and Muller probe. Devon Eunice, the ranking Republican on the house Intel committee, telling FOX's Shannon bream. Everything out, whether it's good for Republicans or bad for Republicans. We want it all out, the committee's chairman democrat, Adam Schiff is accusing the Trump administration of weaponising law enforcement tweeting, quote the cover up has entered a new and dangerous phase. Even though challenger, Greg Brock is a longtime employee of one of its member unions, senatorial AFL CIO is endorsing mayor near Enberg for re election, the group sites, the mayor's fifteen dollar minimum wage for city employees, helping hammer out a deal to say the symphony and say the jobs of union musicians and stressing safety on city construction projects, the AFL CIO says it's still supports the firefighters union, which Brockhouse has worked with as a consultant in its attempt to achieve a fair and reasonable contract. He would think the baby boomers would be the first to adopt legal marijuana. But that's not the case. Adrienne Mitchell, a Bloomberg has this infocomm report, younger consumers are helping to fuel a boom in cannabis gen Z is a lot more relaxed about marijuana, and it's a key market for products. They go beyond pot cow. Analyst Vivian as early says products made with CBD, cannabis compound that doesn't get you high are now easy to find and Walgreens have announced that they will sell topical you've also seen luxury retailers like Neiman, Marcus and Saks, start hearing high end CD beauty offerings and as well the foreign Alta on station brands and Anheuser Busch developing cannabis drinks, conagra among those studying CBD foods and sales of supplements rival e cigarettes. We asked the question. Have you used as a supplement in the first quarter of two thousand nineteen to average response was about six and a half percent? We also follow jewel, and the average response rate for jewel youth was four point three percent as their says the CD market generated up to.

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