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I think the House really wants to bear down the pressure on you know Susan Collins Cory Gardner and a lot of these senators who could vote for witnesses. I don't think they want to muddy the process more and have it come back to the house and then that would just sort of confuse everything I mean. I'm not I'm not entirely sure why why they're so resolute. I think it's just about not trying to muddy the waters at this point. Okay so I've only had questions but I have. I think made a conclusion based on what you said that that indicates to me that Adam Schiff does not believe that John Bolton is the smoking gun because of he was the smoking gun he wouldn been shift wound care about timelines and timing and muddy waters the he would blow the mud out of the water. If you were the smoking gun so it says is to me that shift at least suspects if a time line is more important than Bolton's testimony that shift at least suspects that Bolton's testimony won't end this whole thing right there. I mean that could be right or something. Where Yeah you have Bolton if he testified in the House and then that just leads you to want to Add more witnesses in the house and the house process just keeps going on for a while and then that gives Senate Republicans more time to think about why you know doesn't necessarily really matter on the other hand you can have a Senate Senate trial where you're hearing the same facts you've heard before and people's impressions of whether that's impeachable or not already baked in. But if you had some sort of bombshell come out during the Senate Senate trial I mean maybe that could you know in the moment make it a little more difficult for for Senate Republicans right so before this interview. we were texting back and forth and hours throwing out some hypotheticals. One Bolton is nothing substantive to add but was committed to going through a process of following a subpoena just because because the guy loved the law seems unlikely to he has nothing to add and really didn't want to be bothered but now he figures. Oh it's just not worth fighting. I don't know about that. How about this? He he does have something to add and he really does want to damage the president but doesn't WanNa seem didn't want to seem too eager to do so. Could that be true. It could be true. I mean again. It doesn't match with our timeline about Iran you know the president doing what Bolton wanted on Iran and then suddenly just a week later you know really wanting to come out and take down the president but it could be it could be but I think he does have have. I think it's likely they does have something damaging on the president. We just don't know how willing he has to say it. Yeah so maybe this possibility for he does have something to add something substantive where you said damaging to add but he figures because of politics McConnell will never call him so this is an escape route where he looks good and he could blame someone else else for not being heard yeah. I think that is pretty likely And here's the last one. This is the triple reverse bank shot. He has nothing to add is bathing the Democrats into calling him. He knows it will get a lot of attention. Then it will look like a nothing burger. He'll come out looking like he satisfied the law but he also ultimately ultimately help the anti impeachment forces right so I think that one is also very likely this one opposite things. You said two things very like right. I mean it could be opposite opposite things. I'm just thinking what's likely you know. One of those seem to be the most realistic options. I mean I think it could go either way and can I add my one last year. Yeah Okay it's sort of a variation of the last one. But John Bolton has a book coming out and he wants to keep himself in the news enough so he'll offer something in the trial. Oh that's pretty juicy though maybe not juicy enough to take trump down which will get him a lot of attention a lot more hype for his book. How about that Is there is this. Like a long con- On podcast ploy is that what's going on. He wants to wants to flip the book into twelve part. podcast I think I think he might be gunning for your job. Actually if he really wanted attention couldn't he and Omarosa do a theater tour or something like this. That's true but I mean you can't really beat the attention of like a new witness an impeachment trial. I mean that's really good stuff thaddeus. That's gold yeah. He'll get up there and he'll just tease out something else that you'll have to read later when his book comes out maybe he'll be like Joe Biden and give out a web address that's actually like a text number and not understand what's going on right right. Last question is and this is legit question that I'm sure you've been asked. So what the likelihood that I think. It's four Republicans gins have to break ranks and get him to testify assuming that no Democrats Like say from West Virginia also break ranks and they give a vote to McConnell yeah. I think that you'll have Democrats pretty unified when they do have this vote mid trial to try and compel not just Bolton but a couple of other figures who they've I've been trying to get whether you can get four Republicans to join them. I think that the way the trial is structured. And I think McConnell did this intentionally. You'll hear all the opening opening arguments. You'll have the first round of questions from senators to the impeachment managers and the defense and then I think Republican leadership will say okay. I think we've heard enough. We don't really need to hear anymore. We've gone through exactly what the House gave us. And we don't think it's enough so we don't really need to call him more witnesses. Democrats are just trying to drag this out indefinitely. Yeah and I think that will be an argument that maybe helps him Keep from losing for Republicans. When's is going to happen when it's impeachment knows I? I think Nancy Pelosi once. She sees the the impeachment rules in in plain tax. That McConnell has that has votes for. I think she'll transmit the articles then and that could be by the end of this week and then you know within the next couple of weeks the trout to get started. Oh my God so there's pretty much no chance that it's that the senators there's who are vying for the votes of Iowans will be able to Leave and you know hit the hustings in Des Moines. Yeah yeah well it depends on what money you have like. Bernie has a lot of campaign money on E. SO apparently he's thinking about chartering flights so we can go back and do events at night and then fly back to DC so that may not work so well for Michael Bennett or someone with fewer resources. There's actually a transportation issue. This is what we're talking about. The transportation issue yeah. I mean you can't do stuff during the day like that's what it comes down to. It's have view given enough money to charter a flight right right. I know maybe burn. It'll be nice and take his competitors with them we'll see but then they'd have to declare The fair value. Oh you pay back the sanders campaign that right. Jim Newell is the senior politics writer at slate. This is one of those interviews where no questions were answered. But I think much was gained. I mean just in the asking thank you Jim Thank you. I hope we confused everyone more. I know I mean that wasn't our goal but I think I think we did strike a couple of these these.

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