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Discounts on groceries or up to $1 off per gallon of participating Chevron, texaco or Safeway fuel stations, restrictions and exclusions apply. Our next note at 7 14. Shannon O'Donnell checks our 1530 mortgage dot com weekend weather forecast. Well, hi, everybody on this beautiful Friday night in western Washington partly starry skies, some are at its finest and we'll keep it going right through this weekend. Tempts both afternoons around the sound well into the mid to the upper 70s, while crank up the mercury just a little bit more by Monday and Tuesday with low 80s in the emerald city. In the Komodo four weather center, I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell. Hartley sunny skies currently 74 in Seattle. Stay connected, stay informed with the northwest's only all news station northwest news radio. Good evening is 7 O 5. I'm Kelly blier and here's what's happening. Washington congresswoman Kim schreier is supportive of the president's executive orders on abortion rights, Jeff pojo reports. Today, President Biden signed an EO that aims to safeguard access to emergency contraception and protect patient privacy, but fellow Democrat Kim schreier says fundamentally there's only so much that the president can do. So she's calling on Congress to codify the protections that were in rope into federal law. But that would likely require eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, something that is unlikely to happen. Schreier's likely opponent this fall, Republican Reagan Dunn has been on record as being pro choice, but voted against affirming abortion rights on the King County council. Jeff Poe de la northwest news radio. U.S. senator Maria Cantwell says she has a three pronged approach for easing inflation. She's focusing on easing supply chain gridlock, and semiconductor chips. Its tampering the cost of cars, cars are up 40% for used cars just because people don't have enough chips to get new cars. The senator says Congress is also tackling the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs and the way gasoline is bought and sold. A new interactive map on life expectancy in the U.S. reveals some stark differences. Ryan Harris has details. The map from UW's institute for health metrics and evaluation shows life expectancy by county and state, so I looked at snohomish county where I live, which is on par with Washington at 80.1 years. Lead researcher on this project, doctor Ali, mock dad says it also finds big differences like a life expectancy of less than 59 years among Native Americans in one county and more than 94 years for Latinos in another county. Mark dad says they also found that life expectancy has stagnated in the past decade, which he calls a scary sign for the U.S.. The Spanish is not increasing, life expectancy. Before COVID-19 was stagnating. So the impact of COVID-19 will set us even much worse. And we need to address it as soon as possible. So what do we do? My dad suggests starting with the differences in the quality of healthcare from place to place so we can expect the same quality wherever we go. Ryan Harris northwest news radio. Washington state has been approved for nearly 400 courses of the monkey pox vaccine, the state has had 15 confirmed cases so far while the rest of the country is reported 560, as of earlier this week, King County recently said it has identified local transmission of the virus. A historic groundbreaking and pierce county this afternoon, the two mile stretch of raised expressway in fife near highway one 6 7 has been talked about since the early 1960s state transportation secretary roger Millar. It's about connecting the court of Tacoma to the interstate system and to the transcontinental rail system to make the port even more competitive on the world market. That's going to make the port faster and more efficient because right now there is no direct link to the port of Tacoma, the Chamber of Commerce says the project is going to create jobs and new businesses. Drivers in Seattle this weekend should be prepared to idle in traffic with two major roadway construction projects expected to take place this weekend. Work on the revive I 5 project will

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