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Does that actually make an impact jere initiatives in general because I think that tends to be a driver when you have one company publicly announcing some of their initiatives, it does add fuel other competitors and so forth you WanNa go first. I would say for publicly held organizations they've recently mandated maybe it's spite share peer pressure, but they all now come out with these sustainability reports and so if you're publicly owned any, don't have an understanding of what impact you're having in regards to es J. factors that that's a serious miss. So there's GonNa be some understanding and I? Think if you're a middle market organization, no unless you operate landfill Bennett becomes hugely important because you have to abide by regulations you have to maintain good relationships in the environment that you live in. So I think it really does depend on industry industry but. For the owned organizations I think it is something that they have to do. Is there a certain industry you've seen that or this becomes? The must've? In the waste industry for sure any waste organization that doesn't have an understanding of what they're doing to the whole in the ground and how big it's getting, how are they managing all the stuff that's coming out of it every so often and what's their long-term plan? What's their cleanup? Of course you have to understand that mining safety impact but I think when you're talking about or musicians that touched the consumer then that's where it gets really iffy because they can shove all that down in their supply chain you thinking of anyone in particular. No No. Now I I. I don't know it's a hypothetical. That was an it's still is a brilliant brand play in that this hypothetical company really accrued an enormous amount of brand value by working their supply chain. Yes. It was TD stomach it amazing case study and it's wonderful because it's like lawyers, right? Here this. Don't tell me about it because then I can truthfully say, I, don't know anything about it. I'm just GONNA mandated to my supply chain. They will not tell me about it and I've mandated it so it must have happened and it's one of those if then clauses that never actualize is and so yes. Exactly. Right. So there's this tells zero waste effort I'm finding myself getting cynical. So I'm going to back off this train really quick but yes. Up to say thanks. Thank you. Not only go back to your question about ratings rankings benchmarking save you remind..

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