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You've never played it obviously it's the follow up to the smash it for the original nintendo Super Mario Brothers but this game has an interesting backstory. Keith how much of this are you aware of very little okay. So here's what happens in terms of the the Production from Mario Brothers to Super Mario Brothers two. Oh is this went okay. Talking about this is a never mind. Go there's a ton So Super Mario Brothers comes out in Japan and then later in North America. And it's a huge fucking success. It's the kind of thing where it's like we obviously need a sequel right off the bat. So nintendo in Japan starts creating Super Mario Brothers to and what they make is essentially the same exact game as the original super. Mario Brothers the same exact animation the level designs all there. But it's way fucking harder. There are mushrooms are poisonous if you get them instead of making you beg. They hurt you. The enemies are faster. There's more of them. The levels are just more challenged. It feels like somebody got a hold of Mario Maker. Current Day. They needed to bail on it. Well it's not that they bailed on it. It's that they released it in Japan and everybody was like this is great. This is a fun follow up. Were excited about this. And it sold well for the FAMICOM but they sent over to be tested in the US and their first test or who. They nintendo trusted with all their product sums. Big Big big big big stone this game we give Tony again the play. What are they all sound? Like this guy because it's in New York Babe it's not and so they give it to big thumbs Donnie. And he's playing the game and he's like this game is punishing. It's not fun. It feels like instead of rewarding me for buying it. I'm being punished like I'm you're trying to get me not to play it like you've given me all the meatball sub and unlike our am. I being rewarded trying to punish me. I don't understand this character. I don't know why he's in the story big thumbs. Tony is very clearly. Like a b-list sopranos character who God anything the Soprano Candle. The only person that's them are like yeah. I'm a I'm a stereotype. All right yeah. I think you can tell how deepened in that show. You are by whether you pronounce it. Sopranos or Sopranos Plan. I mean he's he's trying to run a guy over on a golf course. Hey that's me running guy over and that's not the sopranos have you just YouTube. Sopranos seems to be like Tony. Shoots this guy. Chris shoots this Guy Chris. Toni shoot this Guy Mugs. Like what is this is. There's GonNa be a lot talion talk in this Japanese game. There really is so they play test the game. The game isn't fun. It's way too challenging. Which would be okay except that. There's been a huge video game market collapse recently in the US. It didn't affect Japan and went when Atari had et. Come out and everybody was like. Oh even flooding the market with these terrible games. That was a North American market So in Japan it was okay that this looked the same. Felt way more difficult like if you played those original games. There were weather conditions. You had to fend off. There were were tunnels that would take you backwards in the game trap. You gotta go the beginning of the game. Fuck you like. There's also unfair if that when it released on the FAMICOM. Everyone Japan was like. This is cool. This is challenging. We're into it but if that had been released in the US they're gonNA think. This is a huge money. Grab they're gonNA fucking hate US and there we're GONNA lose their trust for this entire franchise so the scrap that game it gets released in the FAMICOM. Japan never gets released in the US but in Japan. There's this big festival. That's like this This network is announcing all of its new. Tv shows movies and sometimes video games like we could partner with Nintendo and we could make a partner game with them. That'd be huge wicked debut the first ever game you know for the FAMICOM and so they take the idea of this of this Middle Eastern family where they're going set of left to right in the screen they're going bottom to top so climbing things. That's a huge part of game like the first ever again and say. Oh we're going to ascend instead of just traveling across the screen. We're GONNA have four different characters. They're basically the same but they have slightly different attributes. They make this game and it does well. It sells in Japan dokie. Dokie panic and so- Nintendo's like all right well we still need something for the next Mario so they get a hold of. Dokie dokie panic and they're like okay. Well the festival on the network own the rights to the characters but because Nintendo has been working on the game play they own the right to the actual software and the hardware so if we wanted we could add skins from our Mario characters. Put them onto these characters and just create the game that way and so they start changing little things right so instead of like a big heart to restore life now you can find the mushroom and the game instead of obviously the mother. The father the son and the daughter of this Of this Arabic family you now have Luigi. Mario Princess Peach and toad and they all have the exact same attributes and now you have differentiation between Mario Luigi for the first time right because when the game started she just been we've all been scammed. We've all been scammed. This isn't a Mario Game. It's Dokie dokie panic with a new skin added and a bunch of other things taken from the Mario Universe and put on top of the game. But it's a crazy thing because it's the first time ever that. Luigi is differentiated. Yeah he's suddenly taller and has a higher jump. You know you know we get a princess peach. The first time she's ever a playable character the first one toews ever playable character and they all have different attributes. Peach can like fly and Hover. Which is a new thing. Toge jumps her week but he's really strong. So you start to develop all of these different attributes that then go on to become Mario Cannon but this game comes out. It sells really well. People are real into it. But they're like Oh. It's a huge departure. There's no bowser you can't jump on people and then you know you can play as any of the four and then Mario three comes out and it's right back to the original recipe. Everyone's like wait. What the fuck was this so in the end? I just WanNa talk. Continue to do it. I want to say Sunday. Nothing go ahead as some things. Now go for don't have to. They don't don't don't video game related. Keep telling your story just talk. I was I was just gonNA blow up this. Who's favorite game is this? I like it. I just said WHO's favorite. I didn't say it was the worst game in the world. No it's the worst game in the world come on now. It's it's it's I watched it and It's Hilarious to me. Because you're like if they don't go left to right where did they go up and down and it's legal left right. We'll go after I just takes. Yeah longer yeah like. That's kind of like the vibe of it and so you clearly like Oh. This isn't a Mario Game. Yeah 'cause they ever do this shit anywhere anywhere else. So people liked it. A lot of people didn't like it or it was like a back and forth Japan. Probably were like this is no. It's it's a well respected game and it's a very high selling game for both Nintendo of Japan. Well so what? Critics like purist are upset about it. I think that. In retrospect when people realize that they weren't given the other game they're like. Oh this makes sense. You guys just skinned a different game. Because what happens is north. America only realizes the market in general only realizes that they didn't get the original Mario to when Super Nintendo releases an anthropology of Mario and you can play all the games and suddenly on the anthology is the loss levels. The loss levels are the original. Mario to yeah and so I I'm they get to see it and they're like oh because it's you know it's now Super Nintendo so the update the graphics look like the Super Nintendo Mario. It looks great it. It's challenging but they're like this is so cool. Why don't we ever get this? I'm just trying to point out and again like to me it? It almost doesn't matter. Let's say we make Halo and GAC right. Everyone loves it. Fears and shooter Great Fun then they come out halo two and it started out and they're like it's a great. It's a Great Halo. Game is not the same gay. Yeah but we didn't alternate dimension Your Star and it's clearly too so fucking weird it's just so it's like not an angry thing it's kind of like that's not your game. Oh it's not we should. You should almost like it's a thing. Americans might have it. It might be Japanese people as well. But if you literally just go put something comfortable and we just changed the care. 'cause I bet if there's just okeydokey prop people probably wouldn't have bought it. People in Japan loved okay. But I'm talking about in America. It's not Mario and a Mario Game. You know what I mean so that like. Let's just put the skin over it. They won't yeah fucking different. There's so much of this game. That is a hold over from what it was in Japan because this is for festival this was a game made to celebrate a festival and a big part of the festival was masks. And they're all sorts of masks in the game so then they went the total opposite for Super Mario. Three though I K- know more things are bad. Everything is good. There just leaned into what they want to do in the first place because is that when they stopped doing or other games that are like relentlessly mean to Nintendo player's. She has no of Anne. And what do you mean Nintendo hard games? What do you mean like games that are just like unforgivingly difficult now? I'm talking about like Mario Games. They're clearly like family friendly because they can't be mean to you. Everything has to be if you failed. It has to be like a conscious effort. Probably the only one that to me isn't like Mario was like almost Christian but he's not are we. Can we all be opening wholesome? He's very wholesome is like nothing except for the fact that it's about kidnapping a woman in two like gross just as gross disgusting huge turtle thing we are doing when we don't see him doing honestly probably failing to deal with trauma if his behaviors indication. I picture in the newest Mario Game Odyssey when he's flying away from Rei. Mario. We're flying away and you just keep staring out that window. Yeah for like twenty minutes and we're just quiet watch them just be so quiet just twenty minutes of silence and finally one of the shy guys just goes we.

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