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Yvonne easier vogel which group pete no up a new jewish no admits rats as now something interesting that i read be say the route this record and a lot of your early work was that because you had come to music as a dj you're basically unconcerned with songs structure traditional songs structure like an ally deal with some structural was the song was actually be created by accident i wrote another song called be speeds anam a decided not to make that record does it i would have to sell muscle to the devil will to make this record to be a star does that's what he told me it was will happen so on the way to the studio and i i can't make this record so when i got to the studio change i race the beatson different beatson fill the whole it away up a different beats the programming will still there but the beach for different and that a change the tempo sped up a little bit and then i'm the route came from different records that that i was riding that the weren't complete so it's like three different songs and made this wrecks of listen to this record is really messed up we none of the versus matched by one of the versus light pierre minutes are also shiny egypt evening overs give me a freaky can connects with don't they don't match the known as the volcker on the egyptian lara sanksi just three different total songs south up imp to myself i'm doing like a mega makes and when defending limit finish i said you know it sounds a good dj record but i know it was going to be a big records do is good for me dijon and jams are right you may that record yourself i mean you put it out on your own rewritable but i'm mole record label and distributed.

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