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Island area. Please call Donald Jerry at 5167817240. That's 51678172 for zero transition, Okay? I think we're back. Uh, e on the Yeah. This has been some day for technical difficulties. I have my own technical difficulties here in my studio. One of my computers. Uh, battery just went down. I had a plug it in. And is that is that your phone stuck into your mic into your headset? Yes. I have a phone in my headset. Didn't anybody ever see Apollo 13 remember when they had the duct tape and working on? I'm here moderating. Monitoring the emails. I'm listening to the pit crew in the studio. And I'm talking to all of you s O. This is what we call multi multi tasking. Welcome. But you know what? Mike, though I'm happy that you turned off your virtual background because you know with we're doing the Facebook live at auto lab radio, but S so everybody has their camera. You know, for the zoom thing, and Mike was testing it earlier, and he wanted to put the gold shield background behind him. And when he did it His eyes disappeared his mountain mama, You know what they say in a picture's worth 1000 words? Yeah. So if people go hold on Mike Keenan on, So if you're gonna go if you go to our Facebook auto lab radio, he might disappear into the gold shield. Ghostly Mike, don't leave. It's literally consuming him. No, don't leave. Don't lean back too far. Mike. You'll be sucked into the other. Reality. E think I'm gonna have bad dreams about that. Hey, Speaking of bad dreams, you know I have way he got one in the shop this week. It better dream. It was the Jeep from hell. Wow. What happened? It was a liberty. Okay, Well, what happened? Was this this nice gentleman? Very patient, man. Um, had Triple a tow this vehicle and that his cousin sold them at a very good price and had been sitting and I think in his backyard for about two years, But it was fine when he parked it. Of course it Wasit doesn't start now. But just, you know, can you get it running for me? So we brought it in. And the battery was like frozen and dead and you know, and the alternator was making a lot of noise who put an alternator and got a battery in it. It would have didn't seem to start just right. And it seemed like we had to move the shifter around a little bit. Jeff, you being this? The old he used to have. It had reverse yesterday story. Yeah, no way. Got it to start and every you know we sold the guy. You know, an alternator. A battery are going to get this thing started. And my guys okay, We're gonna test drive, but we test drive every vehicle. I did for you? Yeah. Pre test drive. So my guys backing out of the shop and he hits the brakes and the pedal goes to the floor Like zero breaks. It didn't go through the door. Don't go field oratory. He almost killed one of my my parts people, but she lived. Um and s O we go. Okay. And the caliper blew up in a line blue. And so we go. Okay. Now we gotta put calipers and breaks and all that stuff, So we get all this stuff in the other guy's going Well, it's going to spend a little bit of money. We haven't even gotten the car out of the shop. Yeah, and then One of my guests. Okay. Hey, I forgot to do a light check. So he's checking in these notices that when he puts the car in park the reverse lights go on. Until safety. So we're straight in our past the neutral, you know? Oh, it had to be the neutral safety way. Get the carp in the air. And we see this. This this wiring harness from the transmission and And it was like wrapped in all kinds of black tape, and we opened. It was like spaghetti. It was like teen wires and they're using speaker wire. Oh, my God. Oh, and, um, anyway. You must be the same electrician's that why it's some of the lights in my house with telephone wire. Well, let me tell you something, Some of the stuff that we see David isn't a crazy. The Jeep is still with us. And the man who owns this Jeep is the most patient guy in the world. But he says he says to me, but my cousin told me it was fine. And, you know, the whole thing of ran went parked OK in the in the classic car thing. I mean, you see that Almost I mean, daily. You see, ran one park. So my question Raymond Parke s. So here's so Here's my question about Randy. That was 50 years ago. Right? Here's Here's my question. I ran with part when parked. Why did you park it? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, you know, so I love it when I see that. Well, question and people like, you know, I don't know is Yeah, I parked it because it was making a weird noise and I was scared to drive and and I didn't want to get into like, you know, Inter from familiar debate. There were a problem, but I I told the guy I said I wonder why your cousin gave it to you for a song. Why did he stop driving it to begin with, huh? You don't have to tell you, David David. It's so funny that you're saying that because you know when people come into our shop. We like we interrogate them. You know, we interrogate them on how it happened when it happened. When does it happen? What is the problem? Exactly? We go for a ride with the clients. So it's a Oh, is that what you're feeling? Is that what you want about? It's so important. You know, if you toe all the listeners, if you go into a shop, and you say, Hey, I want my cartoons up, and then I just take the keys and writes it up and starts doing a tune up. You've got a question that process because the most important thing, especially when you have a quote unquote problem is that the person you bring it to is like a doctor. Ask the questions. Do the tests make sure the processes in place so that you can figure this thing out on the quickest and easiest way now, with what Carlos said. I mean, the reality is this is a can of worms. He doesn't have any information to give you. Oh, my gosh. You know, the thing is, if we're not like a duck that we are called doctors weigh every one of us here has a much training as any doctor has 100%. Well, I would. I would decline to do the brain surgery, though myself if they asked, E would say you keep the scalpel is guys and the end the end the saw, uh, just talking about interrogating I'm in. I'm in vision and waterboarding. What's troubling transmission? What is it? What? Yeah. Remember, remember Perry Mason, Isn't it true, Mr Jones? That underdone July 14 exactly what you're doing. It's Stonebridge there. Thank you. Sometimes you have to. Sometimes you have to interrogate the customer. We've all had that problem with, you have to drag the information out. I'm sorry, but you end up you end up. You know, getting information that they didn't even realize they needed to tell you. That's the difference. There is an art to the to the lot, you know, creating, like healthy lines of communication. I mean, communication is the whole thing. And so many times, people use terms that, um, that work for them. But don't clearly described with the symptom is and so You know, the classic one is I need a starter. What? And, you know, we think. Oh, yeah. He thinks he needs a starter, so it must be a no crank, right? But no, they they need to start a crystal.

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