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The head basketball coach at Texas tech Chris beard and the reason for that the men of March series continues and it is going to drop this evening I CBS sports network and it's all about Chris beard and the folks from CBS on we will grow I was allowed to follow him around for a number of months I actually went to Lubbock back in August he and I sat down to spend some time with him not only for the interview but I actually Val get into all of this but he is going to join us in the last segment today and that she was going to air tonight on CBS sports network I've not seen it yet I'm against that one minute going back to the end of our number to a number of you were quick to respond to Adam hawk saying that he went to Sedona Arizona and he had some quote spiritual moments wells in the three six oh tweets hock quote walking it off to regain composure quote is definitely code for smoking a bowl to chill out now he said what he said was he had two kids under the age of three in a seven hour drive and was fined going out there but it's always tough coming back and at some point he had to pull over and walk it off for a half mile many of you are interpreting that is something else Liz in fall city tweets hawks saying it was quote spiritual man city found peyote the smoke it any passed out at SA sports talk tweets Rome Adam Hockaday quote spiritual moment out in the desert damn that AOD is strong stuff this is wrong spiritual moments do got hi yeah really quickly I'll bring back and just really quickly because you deserve a chance to respond with your spiritual moment did that include peyote nope not POD sounds like you're not telling me something all right it did not include peyote what did it include little bit of this little bit of that can you elaborate can you be more specific than this and that I cannot elaborate it out or you will not I did not say that and said it is I I cannot wait donor thank you shout out to Jim Tomsula for the line well answer the question was a great trip wonderful trip and you know a lot of a lot of things but higher power spirituality all that good stuff Paris in man get sorry get out here not so that I would say it is I would not say that I would say it would say it would say Terrel one I would say it's peyote I'd say it's pot would not say that I would say it either I would not say that I would say it either what my twenty twenty I'm hawk more the same more things change the more they stay exactly the same and I'm still looking for a phone call that I could take on air of gone two hours open phones to start twenty twenty try something I this guy if we could set the tone for twenty twenty it is this guy would go to Vancouver Matt in Vancouver Matt happy new year what's up happy new year pant twenty twenty feel sexy doesn't it does all man I had a quick take on Houston man you know I had I know there had been a wild card weekend here and other feeling good about themselves but the fact of matter is there are the champions round two years in a row they have one fattest city in America that is the building of a dynasty by man all the donuts eating more pizza then Papa John it's all paid off Houston keep doing what you're doing it doesn't matter what happens in the wild card game this weekend you're still a champion and quickly Rome wore tan in Denver using a shaken up soda bottle is a big day good while all right now thank you very much for setting the tone like I said you said Houston is the fattest city in America two years in a row congratulations the reading more pizza the Papa John's except Papa had forty pies in thirty days remember soon nobody's anymore pizza in PJ thirty days forty pizzas in for thirty days thirty days but that that takes me way back I can remember back in the day and I don't track these type of things but Matt Vancouver obviously does I don't keep track of the fattest cities in America but I remember back in the day when you remember this San Antonio was the fattest city in America and I was getting a lot a run on the program.

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