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Up in front of you through the court but now some of the plants that do come They're like you know. I've had them years ago and they come back and they're saying you know we're going down the same path again. We got a couple of issues. And i will come on. And let's have a couple sessions. Let's get it straightened back out and get back on the right pat. So it's not always about ready to write about having somebody a neutral person. Help them come up with a session that those parents that are coming to you means they are willing to change. They don't want to cause harm. They can feel it. They see the comfort of their causing. And they're asking for help rats different than someone who's ordered to you and right is is not can't even see how they're behaving well. They can't see it but a lot of them that i've worked with time when things settle down like. Oh my god. This is such a relief. I thought this was going to be worse than it really was and those are the people that come back word alter high conflict and realize that we have solutions. There's things we can do. Yeah no other way. I want you to say you're famous line before we get off. Knock it off. I am so great now. Mike theater one is buttercup suck it up buttercup. Thank you so so much for having me such good work. And i'm so grateful for your time anytime. Thank you for having me. They care for any listeners out. There who want help with divorce coaching. Please contact me at in your corner coach at gmail.com. Remember we get to write the next chapter for kids for ourselves and the world around us have a great day..

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