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0 24 7 news center ELISA Jaffe With the night off, I'm Rick fan sites, the State Patrol Olympia police and even the National Guard preparing now for possible unrest. When Joe Biden has sworn in on Wednesday, even the smallest little Tip and lead that comes in. We will look at it. Lieutenant Kurt boil with the Washington State Patrol says even though the inauguration is in D. C protests are expected at state capitals such as Olympia and across the country. It's a vacation rental company, but Airbnb is doing what it can to prevent violence of the state capital on Inauguration Day. Airbnb says it's reviewing recently booked reservations in Olympia for the whole week due to the ongoing safety concerns. After the insurrection at the U. S. Capitol this, according to a company spokesperson, who says if that they can confirm a guest is associated with a violent hate group or otherwise engaged in criminal activity. The reservations will be canceled in those guests will be banned. What can we expect this week regarding all this chaos or calm? Cool. Most. Jeff Pooja has more from a couple of political analysts and a long, long, long time since we've seen this much tension of the nation's capital over a transition. Jim Moore is a political analyst with our sister station. K A. T U in Portland. The peaceful transition of government is out the window. We're thinking about this in a completely different way, he says, with such a divided electorate, more protests or not out of the question. But others, including professor Chris Short, L'd say it may be a bit more subdued. Think protests within D C itself for going to be very limited in size and number simply because of the significant security presence. That's there now, and it's not just in DC security is tight at state capitals across the country. Jeff Pooja, look come on news. The process of de certifying law enforcement officers from his conduct would follow to the state under a bill heard for the first time in the state capital. Here's Como's rain Harris, In addition to handing off the certification to the Criminal Justice Training Commission, retired judge and Levinson says the bill would allow others outside of law enforcement to alert the commission to misconduct. The grounds for the certification cover the wide range of serious misconduct. That should mean an officer loses their license It maintains due process but will no longer allow the process to dragon. For years while the officer continues in law enforcement. James McMahon, with Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police chief says they support adding more non law enforcement people to the commission, but not to the extent called for in this bill more than 70% of the commission would have no responsibility or role in the industry that they're overseeing. Supporters also favor the bill's requirement that investigations continue, even if an officer quits to prevent a so called bad cop from simply moving departments. Ryan Harris Co Moh news. Come on news time. 6 34 All right, It's getting update on coma traffic..

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