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So far, three minor injuries. Colluding a four year old girl in several buildings damaged but no motive, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News. Human remains have been found at the scene of the RV explosion in downtown Nashville. The remains have not been identified, and it's unclear whether they're identifiable canine units have been searching downtown, which remains closed off at this point. It's not thought there are any secondary devices, Police have said. There is no longer a threat. ABC is Aaron Carter. Ski President Trump Spending Christmas in Florida and keeping the nation in suspense over Whether he'll sign or veto a massive amount of government funding. The $900 billion covert relief bill, part of a larger $2.3 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government have been flown to President Trump's Mar a Lago Florida resort where the president is now spending a second day golfing during the Christmas holiday. What's unknown? Will he sign it before he left Washington? The president's slam the carefully negotiated bipartisan bill. It really is a disgrace. Mister Trump demanding the stimulus payments be increased to $2000 B. C's Avery Harper and intense search for a gunman Christmas night in Grapevine, Texas, outside Dallas. Police responding to reports of threats at a hotel, we were told by multiple witnesses that a man had Said he had a gun and was going to shoot up the place. Find police spokesperson Amanda McNew authorities conducting a room by room search at the Great Wolf Lodge and evacuating guests. So far, no reports of injuries or shots fired and no suspect has been found. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, speaking about her short lived status as a possible running mate with President elect You'll Biden Wittmer, telling Detroit's Fox affiliate she was shocked to get the call to be vetted and would have accepted an offer to serve but admitted to being relieved She wasn't paid. You're listening to ABC News from the W.

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