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He was playing all that. Pretty good, right? So you could you really feel you hear the pig improve as a musician over the course of the album, but then by the by by July. He's gone. He's lost it. He's been another pay and he's doesn't work in any comfortable got into asset. He made a pig. Exactly. And by the end is just useless. So they. But if you like electronic, and you and you want to and then the Mitchell the remix of that is of dynamite because it's like hard court trance techno with the pig noises in it interesting if you like animal, by the way, just to plug it. One of my favorite albums have been listened to recently, it's called pod. Tune and it's the first wail and set Ian called collaboration album, and it's they asked they asked all these electron IKA art house Electronica sound designers to take WALE song wills wills. Well, singing, a nineteen our cycle. Well songs nineteen hours and they've recorded them and the cycle repeats and each pod has its own song can find each other. So you can the whales will know, even if it's from like like a hundred miles away, it's a similar it's from because they have the similar wail cycle. So these guys these nineteen our well cycles and wrote smelly Tronc around it. And it's Wales. Singing with with Uman's doing the back beats put awesome. I looked up one pig on pitchfork because I was curious what they have about eight point. Oh, yeah. Or Matthew Herbert's renowned? I went to see David Byrne to talk David Byrne wrote a book about sound which scientific actually you could put that Google that up because that's a really interesting idea. He did talk at at the Mayfair occurs on in London, and Matthew Herbert was him in Matthew Herbert and conversation. And I I think Peter Kern was the was the what do you call it judicata? What do you call it when Monterey moderator? There was a Q and A at people Cuban people are queuing is just rubbish right because there's really interesting really interesting conversation going on about about about sound music and sound then go kill question. The nineteen seventy heads. No read a book. It's already every book ever been written about them has the answer that question. I wanna listen to Matthew Herbert who's recorded pig. For a living. I six question of take the last five parts off, Mike. Yeah. They always do that thing where they just give mouth saying, they're not they just they they do a little Ted talk on what they know about the subject. And then they put a question Mark at the end. Yeah. So they can show the audience as they know about maybe even if you're lucky you got the question in the end, it's LA LA, Hugh, and as we've all sat through them. And yet after I left yesterday, we saw screening did they do, you know, what they only went to a couple of questions, and they were actually good they were reasonable. But but also that moderator is a good one like she's cannery hook questions of good and she's good at keeping control of the audience. But yeah, the L A. The the real stereotypical LA one is like so I find when I'm acting high, and then it just a three minute speech, and at the end of it, the moderate to go, so your and your question is, I know you agree. You should see when I do like my standing my my ups and the questions people ask like. Like. Could you just move? Kids stand at the back. Please. I hate amateur standards. It's a it's the can't deal with with their weight. Very well. Yes, you're going with this. Well, we talked about quite so you gotta have standards does going to go into. Okay, correction corrections and clarifications as well as questions and a buddy are Australian, buddy. Michael Smout messaged an episode three fourteen to episodes ago when we're talking about no uprise. I brought up the myth that Lim. Franklin was roped of a Nobel for the discovery of DNA. But it's often thought she should have been recipients while she was definitely a lot more attribution them given the time. She died in nineteen fifty eight four years before the Nobel was awarded in sixty two. And as you know today, not awarded off death. There's no posthumous Nobel prizes..

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