Harvey, Hollywood, Bill Cosby discussed on Happy Hour: A Shot of Conversation - Ep122 - Frozen Freedom


Uh harvey has now been removed from the board in arguably his professional career is over however it is leading us to have a separate conversation of is this normal in hollywood and watch how culpable is hollywood on as a whole in in in allowing this type of behaviour criminal behaviour to persist given the fact that he has paid off several individuals and it is highly unlikely that the larger hollywood community did not know this type of behaviour was going on um so i want to open up the floor camelia what what are your initial thought and then what kind of can you the conversation well you know it this is a is pretty bad in but i'm not surprised especially considering the fact that what we kinda dealt with with the whole bill cosby incidents coming out in us just learning more an an and in realising you know sometimes in hollywood those old rumors of the casting couch and grimy exects sin and if people just using their power for for bad you know that it's that is true is actually happening but with harvey it's interesting because one you'd newlook looking as someone who is the one of the biggest people in hollywood so that stigma does apply in is dignified me sometimes you're forced to do something or you're asked to do something or someone tries to get you to do something you legit feel like if you don't do it your career won't happen or if you if you do do it in in you tell your career is over is will and we've even see neck as here cruise recently came out and said he was caught by hollywood executive did named the name a he felt the same way that he could not say anything or do anything because.

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