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Life two two always look for ways to improve the lives of blacks in South Africa And I believe the best about everyone He was an outspoken social rights activist who gained worldwide fame during the 1980s for leading a movement against white minority rule He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 Michigan representative Debbie dingell and Fred Upton are calling for more bipartisan cooperation on Capitol Hill appearing together on CNN's State of the Union this morning They emphasize how important it was for Democrats and Republicans to work together Upton a Republican noted the work environment on Capitol Hill has become toxic More than 1200 flights have already been canceled or delayed today across the U.S. flight aware data shows a growing number of flights being affected that day after Christmas as some Americans head for home from their holiday destinations I'm Brad seeking And Ogden is Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom The scramble to find those rapid at home COVID tests continues here in the tri state area and beyond as we move toward New Year's Eve's celebrations In cherry hill New Jersey Ross fleischman among those looking for tests Ahead of a bigger plan gathering this year than last Last year was more isolated Yeah we're seeing more people This year As we've been reporting COVID may be with you for longer than you think a new study for publication in the journal nature shows the virus can spread within days from the airways to the heart brain and almost every organ in the body where it can persist for months Global COVID search continues record number of new cases in multiple countries China reporting the highest daily number of infections since January China's Central Bank being time following greater support for the real economy And Bloomberg Steven engel says property developers could be under more pressure after a string of default slightly First quarter is going to see not only more maturities and more coupons do for these developers but also these deferred wages that they have not paid to the migrant workers and engel also says COVID is adding an extra layer of challenge to that problem And Amazon workers across the U.S. now face fewer hurdles to organize More on what's happening there from Bloomberg's Christmas It's part of a settlement Amazon reached with the national labor relations board Amazon is required to inform past and current workers of their rights and to ensure them the company can not interfere with labor organizing on company property after hours Labor organization and worker activity is on the rise in Amazon facilities across the country on Wednesday a group of workers and organizers in Staten Island refilled a union petition with the NLRB after failing to meet the signature threshold in the fall I'm doctor Bloomberg radio All right thank you Doug At global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries In the news her mind Denise Pellegrini this is Bloomberg Broadcasting live from the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in New York Bloomberg 11 To Washington D.C. Bloomberg 99 one to Boston Bloomberg one O 6 one This entrances go Bloomberg 9 60 to the country Syria's XM channel one 19 and around the globe the Bloomberg business act and Bloomberg radio dot com This is Bloomberg best I'm at Baxter and I'm Denise Pellegrini at you probably been hearing all the news stories about both Really the wave of organized retail theft sweeping some parts of the country Oh yes I have It's been happening here in the Bay Area And law enforcement and other government officials in the Bay Area and elsewhere are stepping up the fight against those smashing groups Now California is committed more than $200 million.

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