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All right that's fine that's fun is that chocolate i see over there oh there's peeps there's chocolate there's little bunny crackers their s'mores oh my gosh uncle johnny what is this what's in the bag oh boy zeiss s'mores ice cream how many points on weight watchers twenty cowie's for the whole the whole thing was just take calls at random hello welcome to friday who is this is this carey carry welcome to friday are you a ham eaten easter girl shirt i don't like him but i'm gonna practice by eating a ham sandwich so carry what's going on why are you calling your your your favorite morning show i just wanted to call and thank you guys so don't much i am in the process of accepting this super awesome job offers good for you and i wanted to thank you guys because i it's been a really long journey for me to get your and to get the credentials in education and i did a you've been with me through athletic training school and then nutritious school to become a dietician wow my through my distance dietetic internship where i how do university kind of behind me but i was the one who set up where i was going on certain days and sometimes having really long commutes and you and the rest of the morning show and all of your family of podcasts were with me while i was commuting back and forth to maine and living in need and get you know.

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