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For some reason, it's amazing, but they don't But some polls have one million fewer young people voting this year because enthusiasm for Biden among the young is just in the tank. So That that maybe because he's almost 80. Well, he's almost eighties. Clueless. He's not down with the whole progressive thing released pretending to be and everybody could tell But this a Chapman, his outfit say there's one metric they've looked at for for decades that never ever fails. I'm sorry before I get to that This is really interesting, too. They next? A bunch of ideas that, for instance, bad economies killing incumbents. That was the case for Bush 41. But that was also the third consecutive Republican term after two of Reagan. Historically, the incumbent party is 12 and 11 when facing reelection during a down economy. Got a slightly winning record, so it's no better than a point off. Acquaint us but Speaking of incumbents, Mr Chapman added, No incumbent who has received at least 75% of the primary vote has lost reelection. Trump received 94% of the primary vote, which is the fourth highest all time hired Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton and Obama. Three times in history, America's faced a pandemic recession and civil unrest during an election year. The incoming parties three you know in those elections What about polls well pulls air Predicting Trump's win. If you look at him right ABC poll has trump with a 19 point enthusiasm advantage. I don't as I often say evidence is not proof. There is a hell of a lot of evidence when you look at the polls, the numbers of their buying with the den boy nationally, Biden with eight points in Pennsylvania, the rest of it, But there are a whole lot of your under current e poles, your emotional poles, excitement, enthusiasm, etcetera. There are yelling the informal poll of money. Biden signs. Do you see how many Biden flags do you see on the back of pickups there of it? There's so many of those It kind of underground indicators. They're really flown toward Trump. That's not proof of anything, but it does make you say I want you to be right. I have no need to tie myself to this argument. It's just if you if you go by traditional polling, which is almost always right. He's in a bad spot is anybody's been in decades, right? Nobody's been this far behind in a nationally and in the key states since Dole got wiped out by Clinton in 96 just terrible numbers. Yeah, I give Trump about the same chances. I give the The Braves in game 10, and he drops the mike Thie drums and Jack drops was knees realizing he's been bested, except I want to be alone been humiliated by the power of Iris and I want to be wrong. I really, really want. I can't tell you how much I want to be wrong. I have good news for you. Yeah, I don't think I am Well, I say we all get together on November 4th and get it and see if we could figure anything. Everything is going to throw. The question would be all that stuff is absolutely true. Is trump so uniquely hated? Buy a big chunk of the country that that it upsets. All of those, you know numbers about when the economy is good, Baba Baba, but it's possible. Completely unique campaign. Very surprising the everybody in the establishment that he won. He has been a very strange president, incredibly effective in a lot of ways extremely effective in more ways than people remember, because there's nobody in the media touting it. No, nobody talks about really been tremendous. And nobody talks about regulations any length in Ah, in your cable news or anything like that. Sure, the foreign relations victories the peace in the Middle East base in the Middle East. Don't talk about that. We'll see. We'll gather three weeks from today and come to a conclusion of some sort. So that a plan everybody onboard. I love it's fantastic. Some highlights from the Senate confirmation hearings, among other things on the way Taylor Armstrong and getting I don't know about you. But when the check engine light comes on, I got a lot of anxiety. Oh, yeah, staring at you menacingly, and you can't help but wonder what's wrong And what's it going to cost?.

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