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It makes it a little more difficult, and we'll just have to keep guys getting ready, and eventually we're gonna have to make a decision here on on. How it is. But what I know for sure is that we're going to need all these guys to start a significant number of games. That's that's. If you look at the kind of the seven guys six guys that are squarely in the next thing. I think Josh Tomlin in the next two. I think we're going to need those guys to start games for us this season. We know that. Spurs manager Craig counsel coming up on the other side of one of those pictures in the mix is Brandon Woodruff my conversation with the brewers prospects and hopeful starter, we'll have it after this. Sports central stack after this on WTMJ, the states number one car guy, Jim Griffin talks candidly with John Mercure. Jim what should you look out for when you're buying a used pre-owned car? Well, first of all again, it comes back to the dealer. You should really be buying a used car or pre-owned car from a new car dealer. You know, I love that. You're bit of advice about if you're going to buy a used car buy from a new car dealer. It makes sense. I mean a thousand percent that makes sense because you know, what if I if I take in a car, and I don't like it. It's not up to the standards, Scott, some leaks and things like I hope showed at the end of it, and it ends up at that used car dealers latte. So there's a bone there that I wouldn't sell that. He's so that's a great point. That's yeah. That's such a good point. Visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin.

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