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Jesse a wealthy. New york. Real estate developer went through a bitter expensive divorce with his wife fifty years into let his ex-wife. No. He's better off with his new younger bride this week. He put his wedding photos wear. In in the New York Times wedding section. No, not big enough for him. Oh. Oh. Times Square close. It's not far from there. But he put it on a. Pelle board give it to you. He put an on the side of a building. Billboard like. Teeter. Billboards don't come this big. He put up a picture of himself and his new wife, forty two feet, high each of them the sides of a building Jones in New York. Harry Macklowe is now divorced happily remarried, and what better way to celebrate than rub it in everybody's face. Once he found out that he's not legally allowed to rub things and other people's faces. He settled for the next best thing putting up enormous photos of himself and his bride on the sides of one of his Park Avenue buildings. He said quote since I wasn't getting married during the summer in the Hamptons, I wasn't able to hire an airplane with a banner to go up and down the shoreline. The Hamptons losses are gained the pictures are big enough. So that you can see the realization in the new MRs Mack close is that this may be wasn't a good idea. Sounds like he's definitely over. Support for NPR comes from Newman's Own foundation working to nourish the common good by donating all profits from Newman's Own food products to charitable organizations that seek to make the world a better place. More information is available at Newman's Own foundation dot org..

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