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President Trump's former campaign chairman sentenced to nearly four years in prison. Paul Manafort was convicted on eight counts of tax and Bank fraud by northern Virginia jewelry last year after prosecutors say he had hidden from the IRS millions of dollars that he earned from work advising Ukrainian politicians Manafort was indicted as part of the Russia special counsel investigation, but the judge the White House and his attorney Kevin downing all point out. There is absolutely no evidence. Paul Manafort was involved with any collusion with any government official from Russia. The sixty nine year old still faces additional prison time for illegal lobbying. Jackie quinn. Washington. Illinois sheriff's deputies shot while helping to serve an arrest warrant at a hotel is dead. Mchenry county sheriff's department chief Dave David design says the deputy was pronounced dead this afternoon. Jacob Kelton was part of a joint fugitive task force when he was shot today. The suspect was arrested our. Hours after wrecking his car during a high-speed chase along an interstate Floyd Brown faces first degree murder charges. President Trump's attorneys last year apparently talked about the possibility of a pardon for the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen's testimony to the house oversight committee last week included this, and I have never asked for nor would I accept a pardon from President Trump now Coen's attorney Lanny Davis says Donald Trump's former fixer directed his attorney to approach Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani almost a year ago to talk about the possibility of a presidential pardon Giuliani says this shows Cohen still lying to congress one of the crimes he's going to prison for Davis who was not Coen's attorney last April. When the supposed approach was made says when he came on in June Cohen told him he would not accept a pardon. Even if offered I'm Warren Levinson. This is AP radio news. Two candidates running for the democratic party's twenty twenty presidential nomination. Hold rallies. This evening Senator Bernie Sanders. Talking to supporters in council bluffs, Iowa others in sisters so night. We launch our campaign here in Iowa. Are you ready for a political revolution? Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper stay closer to home with an event in Denver running for president. Because the only way to end the Trump crisis a division is with a Lear who knows how to bring people together and get stuff done. Among the ten declared candidates for the presidential nomination. Major east-west highway through the Colorado mountains reopens after an avalanche cars and trucks were allowed back onto I seventy between Vale and Copper Mountain later this evening, I'm Tim Maguire, AP radio news. Thank you. Hi to have an expiration date. No, why.

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