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Up the stakes. Choose BETWEEN A Bola and bubonic plague. Which wants this is a great guy that game way you choose. Who would we fought between Batman and Superman? Right so you're saying Thing grab one hundred papal and effect one hundred people with standard flee and one hundred. Papal WITH CORONA virus of allied groups tainted health That your chances of dying Greider with the standard fluid. Yeah I your chances of getting sick and showing what? You'll nece scintillating series a much higher with influenza that if we now sixties seventies. You wouldn't stop to worry if you're a base rock don't WanNa be old you don't WanNa be base and you don't WanNa have pre existing comb abilities but apart from that pretty. They're on and in. The chat. Says was a dime. Think keeping up with the latest research of red a lot like the antibody tests that they're doing suggests that for every confirmed case is somewhere between fifty and eighty five non confirmed cases. Yeah so the pain so an ice seem to matic that they haven't even presented themselves the hospital and aspartame but I've just had it got over right. Even an ally grew significantly higher. Now there's been two people in Australia and in their fifties and two people one person in Australia. Die In the forties. What's going on in the thirties now? In their twenties and a significant amount of people are actually. If you look at the infection cohorts lot of twenty year olds. They wreck is the cohort where they have the most infections knowing that. You're in Australia in New York would you? Would you still say the same thing? Yeah back my immune system run. I've covered non aimed before influenza like that. Maude drama would be that. I'd have to put myself into quarantine for two weeks which are absolutely height. Wouldn't wouldn't be. I wouldn't be concerned about dawn at all rose That's an interesting to look at the statistics. Somebody else can look at it and say some people climbing the statistics are all rubbish. Anyway because there are so many symptomatic carriers of the virus. Anyway I can't possibly really get an accurate number just getting back to the VEX vaccines and footballs and now for for C. ability of And when we're talking about previously twelve mandated that they sort of anti vaccine. Andy Vexes who very vocal and the question is being. Well how many people could I really In the risk of stopping that free speech allied by the team. Well what free speech and I think. The benefit of free speech outweighs the potential harm that may arise from that that information. What if you in Samoa and the dive haven't I ran? The jury to their attitudes have changed in Samoa. Nearly ninety percent of eligible people have been vaccinated against measles as it lifted a two day curfew imposed amid an outbreak that killed sixty five people. Love them children. I think this was last. Today's nineteen side basically. They had a real problem with anti vaccine. Prominent and convincing huge numbers of Somalians not to be vaccinated and sixty five people died of maizels said twelve main. Maybe you would allow exa. Measles sort of person to operate in Australia but not in a small colony country is I would. I would not gag them anyway. Don't even Simone. I would really really up a counterargument. Y- off for the next two hundred years. They culture will get you get people down the slid putting up counterargument. Samoa and I had no These people are convinced. They've learned the hard way and it's possibly a lesson that they had to learn the hard way to be honest so they might a government order and I had to shut this guy by charging him with incitement against a government order. Like pull if you've got a community in that situation can't be convinced because the snake oil salesman is going you would honestly let him run rampant. You wouldn't stop you in a in that situation serious again. Yeah seriously I think. Three hundred full of free speech is was defending and. I run the risk of Beth. Huddling your community but we had the initial discovery. It'd be at the once you make an exception for one thing. Yeah you'RE GONNA make exceptions for so many other things and then what happens to free speech? It's gone okay. Earlier on we had the lead up of the principles of Tom and the principles of Negligent it's a trap and the principle of benefit night but we agreed at that point that if harm was foreseeable and that was the tricky part was half. Acea believes it. But this sort of situation of Samoa. Sixty five kids dying of measles and that that you could Si- we've got a real problem and we have to stop it because there's no guesswork here. We have a crisis in front of us. We have to stop the scar breaking. I would say that all three of US sitting here in this prosperous Liberal Democracy. We call the strategy. Ah Very very largely due to the principle of free speech. That's a lot of benefit. Now do you sort of say no. We'll do without all the benefit that comes with the free exchange of ideas which is what free speeches and we'll just live in our backward in a retired socially retarded way because you might lose condo. These free speech is they might. They might talk about things that are harmful listed any number of instances that you happy with the CA tilman of free speech because yes and now you've just gone onto a hardline. Free speech is everything and I didn't care about the harm. Bit Odd fifty. We were listening of number of occasions where we said. Yep that's a good idea so I don't get it and unprepared to cut you what you might say some slack. Say you know in a help me in Australia. We've got enough information and the risks. Cy that might be. We'll let the vexes do their thing never going. He couldn't look at this amount example inside. We have to stop me because there's no doubt that significant number of people are going to suffer significant time. People have always suffered from bad information. We know that's true and we have always could tile them not always in many times. We have Qatada but society as a whole and humanities hall has benefited immeasurably from free speech from the free exchange of ideas. So if say well we'll only KC free speech when we know there's GonNa be some. How where do you stop? Because it's subject so subjective. There's nothing should talk to the about the measles outbreak in Samoa. There's nothing S- addictive a bad sign. That's really shitty advisor. Timing people. Stop should advice I agree. It's objectively. Always think that the benefit from Samoa without incident is that the culture and some our will change now to a culture where the average citizen doesn't tycoon. Voss off anyone who's not qualified to give it. That's that's a good position for them to be in now like not just medical invoice but all sorts of advice start with will it because a lot of these people would have been subjected to the vaccine. Paps must against they will. It seems like saying I mean it was a government had decided we've got to crack down and get people vaccinated air and yes more rating on. Those articles was different in that people weren't forced. They went being held down and jabbed with an actually putting a hand up and saying. Oh I don't WanNA end up like my cousin Jimmy. I hear it is. I've got the line so not has declared a state of emergency and made vaccinations compulsory. That's what they had to do. A mandatory immunization campaign yeah tripled Samoa's coverage with a still people objecting to being injected the fact they had to make it compulsory suggests that yes they had to do. But look you know. We've seen mass immunization programs in many countries around the world in the last fifty years or so most people when you explain to them the benefits they they do it voluntarily. You don't have to force them but this group your head to old they may be a special group but maybe they just haven't been set hold so if you're in charge of Samoa you wouldn't. I was the king. You would've Let the vaccine continue to propagate is the question is how do you stop someone from propagating? Disinformation you will you pass a law and use it as I'd in this guy's He was charged with incitement against government. Order was here Edwin Tomorrow Local Mississippi Edwin Tamasese was the church later or something or possibly now strong suspicion. Us 'cause ninety like you could possibly Stopping working that sort of advising to we sermons and broadcasting it on a radio program. Lorena news pipe that he might be the editor of but you wouldn't be able to stop him from having one on one conversations with paypal which you couldn't you couldn't legislate against that. If he was cool he could. The difficulty is catch. Him is in Us quote you could just get somebody to follow him around everywhere and every time he starts talking about. Vaccinations Bad. Have somebody WHO's properly informed. They're saying hang on a minute because the drowsy new counter to is if if if the if big brother comes in and starts enforcing speech on these people then it just goes underground and that adds to the conspiracy doesn't it. It's lock. Look you know the government's making do it lock We we don't have a choice and it adds to the case must be suspicious of all kinds of things might or might more suspicious of the vaccines if the government is too heavy handed with it. So it's a real. It's a real balancing act. I think Identity balancing to be done graphic tendencies are coming out over the Patriots. Thank you sean. Genucel cry John Land in Hod. Bottom Landon hasn't hit from you. I just WANNA know how you're handling this pandemic land and you can get some recording gear adding wherever you are shortly of Tom. Their hands to also why not Jahmai. Alison Steve is tiny. Will Jimmy Spud Kinda Brahman Band match? I wouldn't be Palo medic. Main Dominic Democracy Liam McMahon diverse Allen. Daniel couldn't Harry Watson Peter Gillespie Kept and doomsday us. Some good messages during the week. Good luck in a bunker. Dead kept to. Actually his message was we. Were talking about shutting off your phone for took the APP in whether you should have the APP and I said well already exposed in any number of lies with my find the world and so if I was really concerned about privacy I'll have to get rid of all those and we said it would be quite difficult. Do you know I came across comment on spoil it. Yeah did you read that on that? Jodi Willett Yeah. You're yes cannot read a bit of element because it was a very good point. Yeah very good and I was I was just like wow get if you listening Jr He let me just find it. I talk about something else while a fund that win I can. I'll keep the patrons volume while you're doing. That kept them. Do we watch Andy Dowling Murray. Wipe Melinda at impressed. Professor dentist will my brother. Glen Bell is currently in hospital suffering a minor stroke. Glenn is on Road to recovery cry. Matthew Alexander Alan Pool wipe at.

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