George Washington Bridge, Alexander Hamilton Bridge, Brooklyn discussed on Balance of Nature with Dr. Douglas Howard


Eight hundred two four five five one eight WABC traffic in transit good morning good morning I'm Steve Michaels seventy seven W. A. B. C. traffic if you're trying to get to the George Washington bridge this morning via the cross front you're gonna run into delays coming into the Bronx river parkway will all the way out to just about Third Avenue heavy but moving once again coming up to the Alexander Hamilton bridge very slow traffic on the Harlem river drive coming up to the George Washington bridge and pretty busy on the deacons southbound just south of the cross Bronx expressway and then once again that southbound beacon is all jammed up coming into the preference press way north found a look for a new accident on the FDR drive if you're heading south bound you're gonna caught up in this one a right around seventy second street and over in Brooklyn pretty busy traffic on the go oneness expressway going through industry city coming around the turn by the north town Brooklyn queens expressway which is going to be pretty heavy all the way up to Atlantic Avenue big delays on the belt parkway west in the van went right out to cross bay Boulevard looks like we have an accident there and in New Jersey the local we actually the car lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike northbound are still closed between exits nine and ten with an accident investigation I'm Steve Michaels seventy seven WABC traffic thirty four degrees nice sunny skies going to be a nice weekend here's Deborah Valentine with the weather now your forecast from at the Ramsey.

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