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Friend. Jessica gap. She went to go see the kids, but the kids were sleeping and that really is the last lesson. Anybody had actually physically see her Morada never showed up for work at PS twenty nine on Monday her boyfriend and filed a missing persons report. The judge overseeing the case of a man accused of killing a boy scout while drunk says he's losing his patience is than that's very from wwl wars. Lisa g the parents have big Morris agree with judge Nando Camacho and feel the man charged in the case sixty year old Thomas Murphy needs to take responsibility for his actions. To be held accountable for what he did Murphy has refused to agree to a plea deal with prosecutors. And if no deal is reached a trial will begin in June. Mcmorris was struck and killed by Murphy last September in Mandeville while he was walking with his troop on the side of the road. I'm Lisa G for seven ten W O R. It's time now for traffic check. Here's Bernie binder burning morning police activity now closing down the side because Parkway on the southbound side this is between drive and the southern state is who travels to north Bayshore and everything's closed. Southbound northbound you are open one metro Parkway there looking okay. Heading for the westbound LIE northern state or the southern state. You should be fine. George Washington Bridge into town out of problem. You're still easy pass only though from the Palisades approach on the inbound lower level and over at the Lincoln and the Holland both directions sits a nice trip, alternate side parking rules are in effect. Everything's good on the New Jersey turnpike if you're traveling interchange, eight eight towards entertainment, fourteen no significant problems car or truck. Lanes and along the Garden State Parkway traffic moving nicely along route eighty and seventy eight east and westbound pretty much the entire length, you're fine. Our next traffic updates coming up in ten minutes on.

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