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Will convene for a special session next month to deal with losses from hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal says the loss to Georgia's timber industry is more than two hundred seventy million dollars alone at doesn't include other agricultural crops pecans, which he says was devastated by the hurricane. The special session will allow state lawmakers to. Amend this year's budget to cover cleanup, and other assistance. This needs to call calm quickly and special session is the most efficient and the most timely way to deal with this issue. Special session will begin number thirteenth and deal. Does not think it will last more than a few days senior parish WSB sexual battery charges have been filed against the twenty one year old man who broke into his neighbor's house and fondled her in the middle of the night victim says William churn used a ladder to get to her second story bedroom of her Marietta home, she talked about the sexual assault on her Facebook page had never mind highlights. More violated in comfortable than I do. Now turnovers is being held on twenty five thousand dollars bond in the Cobb County jail. Mayor key chalance bottoms gives the Atlanta city council a revamp proposal for the five billion dollar Gulch development. Atlanta city council president Felicia Moore who because of one councilmens illness may have to vote on the deal tells me she's eager to pour over the newest gold's proposal. Because the devil is in the details. It is a project in terms of anytime, you add economic development and people in the city that can't be really a bad thing. Just making sure that we manage it that it is in the benefit of the city doesn't take away this plan hugely slashes its focus on bond financing while keeping one hundred fifty million dollars in public benefits like workforce training, a new fire station and affordable housing waters. WSB Red Sox beat the dodgers eight to four to take game one of the world's series game. Two is Wednesday night Fenway park in Boston Troy.

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