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Double he well armed wake up with led berman anton smith in the morning six until ten tomorrow morning i'm sick osman we're back in the w i sports with mccarthy make a lot of the nfl in the and now we twelve just couple of days pick in all thanksgiving thursday always a lot of fun and foreign and is that goes start to get an idea what's have been around the league is we zip around a with the place to be joined by the great ryan a goal the _c_m on cbs calling nfl games of course yes network with the brooklyn nets as well weather channel and iran you know extra points out it's a big issue this weekend twelve of them missed around the lady a guy here there hire and you think you can kick won nerd you know what happened no was funny having worked with so many different partners through the years pete i've always noticed because that played in the nfl really have feeling missed that would be considered positive for kickers eight eight just don't have the patients for it it's supposed to be an automatic and now it's just become one of those adventures in for will play by play man standpoint when we're you could turn you're bringing off perhaps the second after a touchdown tale gather yourself and just assume that alright the extra point going to go when we think about what i've got to figure out strategy well and now you got a call the play and breach single time because something lackey can happen on those point after yeah i was out of it this past week and did do you think that guys we start to get the cold weather and coaches are still learning about you know this do extra point role again only in its second season good we say teams be more aggressive with two point conversions when it is a windy mess be day like it was at metlife stadium this past sunday i think so i think mike tomlin was on something early if he us confidence in as often tonight been enough meetings with him and now back to the question directly why what's the philosophy.

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