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Was falling for a girl and In doing that she has a TV. Show that she's been you know kind of the lead role on for two seasons already and That was coming about Right Connor right when we we're kicking things off around stagecoach time and said why not Scott there and do it. Was this girl. She in the room with us. Juliette rush across the Room Brown. Robbie makes me wonder I was placed here no longer falling in love with her out out of love out of love. And how did you guys meet. Initially I started working with Kelsey through my Kelsey. Kelsey Owens okay. She's also on on the show. Right now is not the other lady in the room. Act as if we all have never watched the show. Before who's now Juliet's roommate was a model for my digital title Media Agency and we went out to Thailand in January and then them to calcium. Juliet came out to stagecoach stagecoach drama. It seems like a lot more like a fairy. Okay you met there and like it was like love at first stage go phase started and just I kept going. So that's what encourage you to go on another reality show. How was it different than the bachelor as far as production goes you feel like did you? Did you feel like there was a difference. It's you being on on a big difference you know it's got to be a part of something bigger and bigger in the sense of a production incapacity or ratings wise but bigger in the fact that I got to show my journey whereas when I was on the Bachelorette I was a part of Joe. Joe's journey defined paradise. It's less because that's still you know all you're seeing is going on dates and talking and trying to lose someone this like. They've brought rebel my company into it. So you get to see me work on a day or you get to see me. Do go on a date and try to fall in love. So there's more capacity to myself as far as a character that I get to show. Okay so you're saying you're the lead you the main character. Hardly you're sitting next to Madison Hosburgh. You guys are sitting together. Does this mean that you're in love now. Only one no no actually. We barely interacted. This came in with similar situations yeah we're going to be real madison to not like him. Yes so I think we all other than Juliet and Kelsey were. We're very skeptical of knobby. It's no secret. This is his third fourth reality. Show for thank you. Yeah our like. Is he here for the right reasons or is this just another opportunity to be chasing. Do you think I think that Robbie loves being on camera. Yeah for sure why a saying I would have. I'd be down there filming uh-huh but I don't know I mean I think he's a businessman to this is an opportunity for him to bring. Not just his love life his business to the forefront and who wouldn't take that opportunity. I'm not blaming him but I'm also looking out for my friend Juliet who you know I. I want her to find a good relationship. Because in the past seasons it's been a little rocky back in the business part of it was was eye opening for me because I mean you know no I former competitive swimmer. That's not my job title by normal. Social Media influencers so them being able to like actually like promote what. I'm doing what the life changing digital media marketing explained that less vague we put more is on brands products in hopes of a bigger Roi. Okay that makes sense to me. You guys you guys are you. Do you guys agree that he's the villain of the season like the way that the teaser is making it. Look I don't agree. He was villain because he any villainous things towards me but he definitely had some questionable decisions that came about that made him look like a villain in the eyes of others. Doctor also look like this is she's coming in as like a new character already established we already have a fan base in and I have known each other since we were like fifteen where it's like Robbie's brand new so that new characters right exactly so yeah. It is easier for him to be disliked than people who are already. You know all the shows like more in our point of view and it is very much through the eyes of the girls on the show really yeah And so yeah I. I agree that they did kind of make. It look like I was coming in villain but when you deal with the show with such high level drama like this you know you have to start off if at one very drastic into the spectrum to surprise viewers at the end with what it leads to right. You're not going to give them the answer in the first episode. You make them wonder is he really liked this. And then he'll do something to show robby. Robby gives off this very perfect persona which I think people think is fake Kendall his bachelor for yeah well he also is that on Siesta key and I think everyone else doesn't believe it. They think it's very big and they think that he's just using me or whatever they say. But you know you'll have to see so then that you found out Juliet a couple of weeks ago. was that robby had a sex tape. Oh my God yeah what you one elaborate on that I mean what are you gonNA. No I mean I don't really want to know anything but since we're on this topic wait. Do you really have a sex tape with someone who's married. She's not married and there's as far as I know no sex tape but there is there is a threat of one coming out. Exact so to backtrack a bit. Ah Todd Christly if you guys know from the Christmas show you may have had a little romance with his daughter. Lindsay you and Josh Murray. Yeah there's been you guys confirming that there was a little romance between her and I yes. Yeah unconfirmed that between Josh I duNno and why she married at the time and she's still married no she was. I guess yes. She was still married but she is going through the divorce papers and was finishing filling amount. It was right around the week of when we started talking. Okay so you made a sex with her right away. This is you guys. This is Juliet speaking to rob. I genuinely interested. I think you know how this came about I actually. I don't remember what we didn't make one now. You didn't make one. We were having consensual alone. Sexy time and huffy camera caught us in the living room for about three months later. Her best friend pulled the footage because she got in a fight with her like. Hey I'm holding this over your head and then sold it to her her dad okay okay fair so there's like a lot of Intermingling of reality. TV drama here but the sex tape is not something that we will see the unfold on no way. Okay but Julia did that learning that. Turn you off from even more. Got It worse. Gotcha all right. Well you guys. Is there anything that you think you can say right now to a bachelor viewing audience to get them to watch at CS two key if they don't already it's like the bachelor in a very different setting but if you like romance and breakup and heartbreak and people doing bad things also I think watch the bachelor alums love to date each other right so an argue. It's just like a smaller pool up right now. Yeah so it gets it gets Kinda. It's rough Robbie. How do you feel that? I didn't know I could expect more drama. The season of the bachelor and we did it. How did it my last question is you guys is just mentioned that? There's like kind of a key family like the way there is a bachelor family. Was it weird for you going from one reality. TV family to another one. And is that. What you you think created some tension when I joined the cast? I don't even think I'm to this day of part of the Essex family and when and when we broke gop by gotta go girls that I'm with Kelsey I love Jake Garrett. It's just the other ones. There's not going to be a friendship there. It's pointless to try to dive into so you're you're done after this season we'll see all right well. When can we watch the key? Tuesday day night at eight. PM Eastern time on MTV all right. Thank you rob Madison and Juliet.

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