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We have two teams that are influx in some strange way to talk about on today's show. We're GONNA get to the Browns who had their best game of the year. I think on Sunday beating the Ravens later on in the show at Jake Trotter but first joining me to talk about the three and one Los Angeles Rams who I think are in a really interesting spot right now in terms of their exceeding expectations and simultaneously failing to back expectations is his The beat writers covers the rams. It's Lindsey Theory Lindsey. How are you good. How are you today bill. I'm good and I wanted to bring you on. I talk abuse of halfway between the Rams game yesterday and sort of in in the second quarter I think because obviously they were in a very strange. I think twenty one nothing to the buccaneers. it was a obviously surprising game ended up becoming a a very fun came to watch it was crazy and back and forth from the bucks ended up winning fifty five forty but I think we're in such an interesting spot with the rams because the NFC is so wide open. There's no real dominant team right now and so I guess where I want to start is as with this I if you told me for the year or the Rams Fan before the year they were. GonNa Start Three in one. I think you'd say okay well. That's not too bad. They have some tough games to start the year. If you had told they were gonNA blow out the saints and then lose to the buccaneers at home. I think they would have been very confused by what happened over the first month of the year so just to start how do you. I think based on what you're hearing from. The fancy follow you. How do you think fans are feeling about this three and one starting about this rams team right now right now. I don't you get the sense at least on social media which is not always the best gauge but I don't get the sense that people are excited and happy with what they're seeing gene. you know the the standard for the rams is no longer just to win but it's to win in exciting fashion and that's what Sean mcvay deliver deliver the last two seasons this offense like a well oiled machine it was exciting it was todd. Cooper Cup Robert Woods and then you throw in Brandin cooks on the deep balls calls and everything just looks like it ran so well and now this season. It's come to a screeching halt. They're not scoring touchdowns. There is no todd girly and Jared Goff does not look like a quarterback who just signed a hundred and ten million dollars guaranteed contracts. Yeah I mean I. It's weird because as you look at the numbers this team scored thirty three points yesterday our offense where thoroughly points defense out of the pick six jared Goff through for over five hundred yards they had two receivers over a hundred twenty yards but absolutely I mean it does feel like an animal. If you agree with this it seems like do the offensive feels disjointed maybe or even and if it is productive it doesn't have that same sort of smoothness to it or that same sort of consistency when it comes to just blowing teams away. Dr After Dr Yeah. I think that's a really fair way to put it in and it is misleading because you you do look at the score for master anything they're scoring but it's now been through four first quarter. They haven't scored a touchdown in to their four games. They haven't scored a first half touchdown but when he really just the eyeballs has it doesn't pass when you have watched McVeigh's offense last two seasons compared to what they do now. Jared Goff is throwing a step behind receivers on several place now. Don't get me wrong. Oh he's still has a few signature passes that I mean one to Robert Woods yesterday another in the end zone to Gerald Everett where you just say wow I mean he's just really putting in a perfect spot. Were only his receiver can catch it but again there's just too many other throws where you're kind of shaking your head and there's did a few play designs from Sean mcvay where he's clearly trying funeral thing which it's hard to fault him for that when you saw the results of the Super Bowl and clearly elite teams are catching onto his tricks but if you didn't play designs that really have just been completely shut down so it's this offense right now just doesn't look like they even know exactly who they wanna be where everything wants started with girly run yesterday girly only had five carrier so it y- it's really hard to determine. I mean almost like an air raid. Yesterday I think gop sixty passages which is an absurd number for him. Yes sixty eight pass attempts hamstring jared Goff seventy dropbox which I mean just you know to your point. It's like a college offense and and even given up the rams are comfortable throwing the football a lot right and we're reasonably effective if not necessarily dominant throwing the football yesterday and given that they're playing a tough bucks run defense you can not. I wouldn't fault them atone for throwing throwing the ball more frequently than it might seem but yeah I mean I. It just seems like this is an offense that is in transition and I I wonder do you attribute some of this to to shove phase plan of having his starters having offense basically sit during the preseason which has been the case for several years. It seems like well I I think that given some of the changes that they're trying to implement I that seems to play some role in it now. It's maybe a little hard to tell just because they didn't play in the preseason last year and they went to the super bowl and they looked fantastic. so given the changes aren't wholesale changes. I mean they're still mostly. There is awesome adjustment there mostly in eleven personnel it's it's kind of hard to say why this season is such a slow start when they didn't play in the preseason last year. It was best start but you know they are working. Jared Goff is working behind a pretty new offensive line. the Rams Lost Roger Sappho awful the very very sturdy left guard and Free Agency and John Sullivan who was breaking down physically. They're old center but mentally he was so sharp art and every player on the offense always looked at him and and news conferences weekly or talking at their lockers they would always talk about with John brought to the field as as far as identifying what a defense was doing and so now you replace those two players is to first year offensive linemen and I think this is kind of the results that this offense of line isn't a sturdy as it once was which obviously affects jared. Goff also affects times early in the run game. Yeah I mean absolutely the offensive line was something I wanted to bring up because you know heading into the year I brought up you thought about the guys you were you mentioned who are being replaced our Joseph no boom and Brian Allen now on the interior and figured okay. There'd be a drop off there. It's you know the center is going to have to take more of the you know responsibilities for setting protections Jared Gospel tick more of that role and it's an inexperienced players versus John Sullivan relevant Roger Sapphires. One of the best guards football and you know might work out great. They happen to find a replacement but you'd figure is going to be a transition period. How are are the tackles playing a you've figured that would be the strength of the offensive line with Andrew Whitworth Hall of fame caliber player to me and having seen two guys. Who are you know on on expensive contract contracts but through four games they have five holding penalties and last year they had three combined holding penalties over the entire season? So how are they playing or. It's just sort of random small sample. What's happening the tackles playing at the same level they were a year ago. I would definitely say that they are not in that started rob haven Stein so he between the false start penalties holding penalties. He's also been beat on several plays which once in a while that is going to happen thing but it just seems to be happening a higher rate and he's gone against them. Good ends in Kim Jordan my Garrett but rob has not played what he would probably say to his standard and then on the other side Andrew Whitworth has been called for holding now so those tackled while we can't just harp on the interior of the line and the young guys those also haven't been playing to the standard which they did the last couple of seasons now getting we'll have open locker room today and we'll probably stop and talk to those tackles and asked is it because they're perhaps trying to make up for a weakness on the interior is it perhaps because they are just getting beat. 'cause it seems like there's more going on. I'm considering those two guys. Last two seasons had no issue and this season now. It's becoming an issue yeah and it seems like maybe the you know the stuff you mentioned about trying new concepts on offense sort of get them out of their comfort zone. I think you know this was an offense that for so long was able to just run outside sights on on play action off outside zone moving with so consistent they had a level of continuity with their own another where really changed one offensive lineman between two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen so line at sort of coalesce. Everyone knew everyone else was going to do from play to play and it seems like that's not necessarily the case right now and you mentioned thou impact. Todd Gurley and of course tiger is being impacted in another way and then I guess it depends on whether you whether you're paying attention to what's actually happening on the field or you're listening into the rams. The Rams have denied that there is a load management situation with Todd Gurley It seems like in reality though that's not actually the case. Is that fair yeah. I think it's fair to say I kind of waited. A little bit wanted to obviously Sean McVeigh said it's not a load management situation but you watch the first game we watch the second game now we have four samples and while his snapping was actually up this last week that does skew it a little bit. They weren't given the ball in the running game but at least the first three weeks his snap count was down fifteen percent from what it was a season ago and there's clearly we've been in office effort to have this offense not run through todd. Gurley and that's I think we're all this whole thing. Trips up is because Todd Gurley he was the NFL's often the player the air Tuesday's ago. He's an old pro running back when Sean mcvay came to Los Angeles everything went around Todd Gurley in and Shawn said multiple times throughout the offseason through all this knee stuff that todd remain the focal point of the offense and anybody who's watched this team for the last four weeks. I would have to agree I. I don't Know How could that talked really is not the focal point of this offense and therefore that puts way more pressure on Jared Goff and right now. It's not really been able to consistently handle that aren't Lindsey. Let's talk more about this rams offense and their struggles in a moment but first guys hiring can be a slow process ass and cafe all tourists. Coo Dylan Moskowitz needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company but you might expect given that say very niche title well. He was having trouble finding qualified applicants. Well thank you guys know what he did. He switched to SIP recruiter..

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