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When was this? Really, but I'll indulge you. Hey. This would be late last night, untruth social. Okay. Incredible that you saw this a big news media is the failing New York Times has gone crazy. So many of the people I endorsed went under Victor and Tuesday night nobody was even close and they literally made up a story refusing to write the facts and only quoting enemies and losers almost all the people endorsed one. What? Not the important ones. Yet if you read the story from the two Trump hating writers who only do as they're told, you would not even recognize the truth. They truly are the enemy of the people in all caps. So that part, you know, is regulating his emotions. As you would expect, you need to Xanax. Man, that's a whole lot of stupid. You know, if you endorse people who always win and have a 50 point registration advantage, don't tell me you're going to use them to assuage any criticism for how well or poorly your endorsement did for people who were actually in contentious races. Yeah. Let's see here. Oh, Andrew workman said, who could have predicted that ripping fundamental rights to bodily autonomy from women and social security Medicare from seniors would be staggered staggeringly unpopular, not pollsters evidently. I mean and student loan forgiveness. Don't forget, like we spent two months talking about Republicans saying that they wanted to get rid of student loan forgiveness. Yeah. I mean, I thought I was taking crazy pills during the run up watching the coverage because I was like, these are the worst candidates ever. With the worst policies that they're outwardly espousing, right? I mean, I just never seen anything like it. Well, I mean, yeah, they were nuts. I mean, many of them were just absolutely nuts. And, you know, I don't think you were taking crazy pills because that would imply that we've got a series addiction here because I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. We're going to continue to see these kinds of people because while it's difficult for them to get across to borrow from Caylee, the finish line in a general election, it doesn't take much to pull one over on the Republican base that votes in a primary. So we're going to continue to have lots of people like this. And they will continue to get angry or when they don't get elected in a general election. And so, you know, it's only a matter of time before people have to explain to them that there are ways we win elections in this country in this country in ways we lose elections in this country. And the best way to win an election is to win over people to vote for you. And these people will not do that. Yeah. Well, let's talk about 2024 and Biden. Justin Horowitz tweeted everyone with doubts about Joe Biden's ability to lead the party. He has to explain how the guy who actually beat Trump then presided over the best midterm performance in decades for a party occupying The White House isn't exactly who should be leading the party right now. I'll wait. I mean, you know, he clearly said yesterday and taking a victory lap that he is going to run. Right. Yeah, go ahead. Well, I mean, what clown car, you know, craziness? Are we going to see on the other side? And that's going to be the comparison that people watch for months, right? They're going to see whatever happens on the right. With Trump and what the other cast of the 7 dwarves who want to take his place while this president, the president has delivered many of the things that he said he was going to do. And presided over this midterm election. Slow and steady. So I think that's going to be quite a comparison for people to be watching. Yeah. I also, you know, I think the gerrymandering, it really was so extraordinary when you look at it. And said, if you understand the way Republicans rigged the entire system down to literally drawing district lines around the voters, they need to stay in office when it comes to the house. This is just an incredible and Democrats could still win. I mean, we're still, you know, it's a possibility. We're still surface level in our analysis here. I'm just starting to dig a little deeper and look at where else we did well and how things fared. And Democrats won the state legislature, both houses in Michigan for the first time in 40 years. They won majority in Minnesota, and they hadn't had that near as the first trifecta they've had there in many years. They won the state House in Pennsylvania for the first time in decades. Right. So yeah, I mean, anywhere you look, where's the, what do you call it? There were a total of 5 ballot measures to protect reproductive freedom and access to abortion all 5 of them won. Even in classes like for God's sakes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So and then also, and this is probably most important looking at 2024, which governor races were Republicans targeting and where did they lose? They lost in Michigan. They lost in Wisconsin. They lost him. Pennsylvania and they lost in Minnesota and on and on and on. Even in places where they thought they had a shot because there was a third party candidate being propped up by a billionaire like Oregon. The Democrats still won, keeping the democratic the governorship and democratic hands for 40 years. And by the way, our friend David pakman from here at free speech TV said democratic governor's winning Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin could quite literally be what prevents Republicans from stealing the 2024 presidency. And the secretaries of state jobs in many of those states too. Right. Right, but I think that's don't you going to partly into Trump's calculation because he thought he'd have all these people in place that could help steal him. Steal it for him. Just ignore the will of the people. That's exactly what the entire Republican campaign has been about for the last year. And it's winning those governorships winning those secretaries of state positions so that he doesn't have people who are doing the right thing after the 24 elections. And I feel like the coverage

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