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Lynn, Adkins, KYW NewsRadio. The cold weather can be hard on your car, especially if it's electric it may need to juice up. More often, here's KYW's roscoe's nets. Janet, Ted low with AAA mid Atlantic says in frigid temperatures electric cars can lose their battery power quickly. Aaa just doesn't want. These motorists to be caught off guard by an unexpected drop in driving range when we see the frigid cold temperatures of winter. This is drivers should plan to charge their cars double the amount. As usual when it's cold. The average driving range of the electric vehicle is then decreased by about forty one percent. And that means you're a range of driving will be cut by nearly half. And understand that that could be the best you're going to get on an extremely cold day and to plan accordingly. Adopts Kuznits KYW NewsRadio septa has unveiled a new tool to help it keep the Norristown high speed line running after a heavy snow KYW's. Mike DeNardo reports. It's been a problem on the Norristown high speed line snow deeper than eight inches would force septa to suspend service because the electrified third rail would be blocked by snowdrifts. Now septa is fighting back with a one and a half million dollar maintenance vehicle called the prime mover that has a plough on the front and air compressors that can blow snow away from switches and the third rail septa, a spokeswoman Carla show will Lee says this should reduce the occasions where snow shuts down the line for days at a time. I'm sure appreciate this type of that. We're now. Using because it's gonna keep them moving, and it's going to keep our lines open. When it's not snowing the prime mover can also be used to haul maintenance materials and tow other rail vehicles. Mike.

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