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And welcome your questions and comments on anything on the show today. Bottom of the hour. We'll be joined by Monsignor Patrick James Patrick shea Monsignor. She. Of course, the president of the university of Mary where we are broadcasting live today, we are live because at eleven o'clock today. There's a press conference at university of Mary we are in the building that was formerly the the dining hall here. It hasn't been the dining hall for some time because they have the looming V tastes center here. But it will be the school of engineering it is now in temporary classrooms, but this this is going to be completely transformed. And there's an announcement about that today along with a very important announcement on workforce something we've been talking about on this program for a long long time. And a new study in his survey of employers and innovative ways best practices. Of employers now moving forward. So I'm dying to hear more about this. And look forward to the press coverage that'll be eleven I'll have that on Facebook live to and share it. So that'll be eleven if you can't be here at the university of Mary, but a good day ten o'clock, we're going to chat with them. Kelsey warn, Kelsey Warren of energy transfer partners. The. Second biggest pipeline company in the United States the infrastructure for energy that they're providing saves you money every time you go to pump. It's it's it's a big deal. But Kelsey it's been a benefactor to the university of Mary. And so we felt a good day to catch up with him. And to see how things are going in the pipeline development space in by the way, they're expanding the Dakota Access pipeline and already we're getting back to the point of having a discount transportation discount on the price of oil North Dakota that differential went away for a while. And it's back because we're reaching capacity on those pipelines. Wow. Unbelievable. So we'll do that. Then Joey it'll be here. Also known as teddy Roosevelt. So Joey talk a little bit about the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library, which is now a reality. At least from the state perspective. Obviously the matching funds need to be there. Governor Brigham all along said, I need to count fifty million from the legacy fund or from you know, a a potted. So that I can lever one hundred million dollars from the private sector. And then, of course, get the process of building and going and some prominent legislator. I won't say his name. But he prominent legislature legislate told me the other day, that's top three signature achievements of the this particular legislative session was the presidential museum and library. I know everybody doesn't agree with that. That's okay. That's why we're here. But I think it's one of those things we'll look back and say for sure one other thing that's bubbling right now at the legislature that I talked with some other legislators about last night. And that is something called on time funding for k through twelve education. Now, what is on time funding me right now, we do your old funding? So for instance, if there are students in the. What city school system? Okay. And I think there's around fifteen hundred in the school system in Waterford city from not mistaken. Use rough numbers, but say last year, it was fifteen hundred well this year, it might grow two hundred students it might go to seventeen hundred the way k through twelve education funding habits from the state right now is to pay you backwards basically says well last year at fifteen hundred we'll pay that. Well, wait a minute. We have seventeen hundred students well, wait till next year for that. It's really goofy. I don't know who designed it. I don't know why they design it. But in a state that's growing like North Dakota. It really pinches. You know, the school systems because they're getting funding for students. They have now a year later if I don't what I'm saying. And when you're really growing, it's a big deal. If you stay steady gain a little bit. It's not such a big deal. So what there was a proposal to do right now is to do a one time funding to get that, you know. In other words, take everybody and say, okay, we're doing it this way going forward. So it's one time in the sense that right now the dollars necessary is to get it. So it would catch up and then going forward, it would just be done that way. So I think that makes sense to me, you know, I I really do. So that is something they're looking to do the money is there. If you've been following Roscoe dryly tweets at all, they're they're Roscoe course, former chair and former house leader on the Republican side and now back in the private sector, and he has been very critical of the. The the the the math from the house appropriations chair who likes to hide money. Not literally. But say, no, we can't use this. No, we can't use that. No, let's use a lower forecast there. And so then you end up with. Things not being invested were they could be probably should be some people say, well, that's good. Isn't it? They're not spending. It will some of those things are intended to be spent second of all we have the budget stabilization fund. We have rainy day funds a gogo. So anyway, and now Joe Biden's in the race. There's something else. We can talk about sleepy Joe is President Trump called him. Some people are mad about that. I'm glad the president has a sense of humor. Let's see the latest poll that I'd put up early this morning. No has Joe Biden in this particular poll to pull it back up again up eight points over Donald Trump, and what does the calendar say time. April of twenty nine. Always get it. Right. A year and a half in advance. It's kind of like asking the weather. The weather's going to be like year now. Here's Jalen Grand Forks on what's on your mind. Go ahead jail. You're up. Hi, I was just listening to Ellen. I think that's her name Ellen talk about how insulting President Trump was very mild. But the whole thing is a political race in you're supposed to tear apart your opponent. So what.

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