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Night Monday night Sunday night Sunday night. It's it's it's like it's like the glaring sore on the forehead of you know, your face like the big pimple on the middle of your face, you know, everything else is clear. Then there's this ginormous pimple on your forehead that everybody sees it's the glaring Mark right when somebody is dead. As well as he is that he has a game like that. Of course he's going to get torched because people hate seeing someone successfully when all the time and then when they lose they just pile on and that is what is so horrible and great about America Manatee. Yes. Number one. I agree with you people hate to see people succeed. However, people really hate to see cheaters succeeds. And when you have to cheat to be successful when you have to cheat to put up numbers when you have to cheat, he's a cheater. The end I don't put anybody who cheated in the goat category asterisk. All those fucking Vince Lombardi said he cheated his way into law. It's a you can say that but honestly it is it's okay, but it's proven that the Astros are cheated, but I'm not there but I mean but not the thing like if you ask any professional athletes, they're all like people do it all the time. They just ended up getting caught. So I mean you could say that about him but you'd have to say it about the entire league I'm dead. And some level somebody has cheated their way into a game a game whatever. Okay, but guess what when you get caught that's kind of the price you paid when you cheat when you're sick and you get caught. Guess what this is what we fucking signed up for because if we're going to cheat there's a potential of us getting caught and if we get caught shit dude, we better be able to take the ramifications and you have to they have never been caught this wouldn't even be an argument. You know what I'm saying? So if I know that if I am if I'm a player or an organization that knows okay shit. We're kind of we're fudging this we're cheating here, but she's I pray that we do not get, if that's the case that we will never live this down and they're not they're cheaters. They will never be anything. Other than that outside of Boston. Everybody else will see them for what they are cheaters. So there you go. Tom Brady cheating does not pay off and you got handed your worst fucking career game ever and we were all sitting there with our popcorn watching it and I am so grateful that I experienced that so so hateful, I'm not hateful. I don't like cheaters Ami Bose. Sorry, I don't know but that's my point. Like if if you're going to vilify him for being caught allegedly was he caught I mean, what was he calling from? Amy? We don't have time for us to go to balls the song go down the list of stuff that he was privy to a me. Go Google it. We don't have child. There's a difference being privy to something and actually participating in it Jude then you need to whistleblow. You're just as guilty if you knew what thoughts on but that's what I'm saying. Like you could say that about every Athlete on every single professional everybody not everybody not everybody. Okay? You're good buddy. Michael Young. Did he ever cheat sheet say every dinner. He did it, but he's been he was people do it. No, they do people do it all the time. It's like okay just happened to Astros just happened to get caught Upon A Sign stealing has been around for ages. Oh no, of course, of course, but what I'm saying is you can't say every athlete and everybody cheats nobody it's not everybody. Well, they may not actually actively participate but if but they suck. Be privy to it. So you're saying that if you're privy to it or if you participate you're just as guilty either if you're not saying something and if you're not trying to stop it, but that's my point. But that's my point. It's a widespread thing that that people are just no have happened. Some people happen to get caught some people don't absolutely that's what I agree with you. That's precisely I think we're trying to say the same thing and we're not we're getting the messages crossed. I completely agree with you. All I'm saying is when you take the chance and you do it, there's the chance you get caught. It's almost like when you step out on your husband your wife or girlfriend, whatever age if I get caught. Yeah, we probably there's no going back from this. I will be known as this and there you go. Okay, Amy Yes, your profound question that you're posing to all of us. Why are there so many ankle injuries in the NFL. What is happening first deck now Kyle Allen fractures dislocates his ankle during the game against the Giants. I mean and of course Alex Smith is on the sidelines watching all this happen. That's gotta suck dude. It's kind of surreal right totally dead. And I'm just like there are I mean covid-19 side the amount of injuries this season is alarming is it not to you? Like I didn't have conditioning we saw this cool. Yeah. I mean remember after week one can't be trusted to condition on their own because this is just craziness. Oh, yeah. Remember after week one. It was happening on a private. Ankle. Like what is it about the ankle that people keep popping out of joint. Well what not because when you look at the mechanics of agility and the name Areas of your body you put you put pressure on as not just an athlete but an NFL Outlet athlete your knees your ankles whether you're on defense or offense, those are sustaining most of the injuries. It's either you're wrong. You know what I'm saying? You're sidestepping or you know, whatever you're doing on either side of the ball your ankles and your knees take the majority of you know, the blows and so when you can't keep healthy you remember after we bought one it was like half the NFL was on the you know injured list and on the injury list all the all the injury reports every week. It was like, well Jesus anybody have a roster left off or Christian McCaffrey. He was out he came back this weekend for the first time in what six weeks and now he's out again because of the shoulder injury. Yeah, like I don't understand. But he's still hot girlfriends hottish it too so he's winning but I don't understand what this much money as the NFL has how come these guys can't recover better. You know what I mean like dead. They it's like they're coming back and they're lasting maybe a game maybe two and then they're right back, you know getting hurt or back, you know off, you know riding the bench because they're you know X. In some form or fashion. So I just I I'm not under I mean Maybe because I'm not in it and I don't really know what happens behind the scenes, but I just think that the NFL should do a better job at conditioning in recovery while the seasons happening because people are getting hurt all the time and I'm not saying that you know, and I thought obviously football is a you know, injury-prone sport, but this is way more than I've ever seen a well sure. I think any of us High lifetime have you I mean, right? Yeah, this is for me. This is unprecedented. I mean and I think for most people that observe, you know NFL football, but I think too you've got to keep in mind wage like with anything in life, especially this year be told the stress emotionally physically mentally. It just shows you it doesn't escape anybody everybody's going through some form or fashion of the stress of what's going on with twenty-twenty. Right? And I think what we're seeing is them just being human and being susceptible to the same shit we are and it's you're right the NFL has trillions and trillions of dollars that they could you know, Help with the recovery aspect of this but you know these guys the guys that are getting paid, you know have the means to have the best of the best as far as recovery and therapy and this is like the first season that I've ever felt like, you know kind of back to what you said about, you know, they they're not in you know there there isn't one specific team. That's Invincible. Sure. I mean the Bengals beat the Titans for crying out loud a couple of weeks ago. Right? Right. I mean that just in.

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