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Point one K. B. K. and of course as always we'll take phone calls his love to get you this evening Kendall is here I'm sure that a lot of you want to talk about the tragic helicopter crash I'm on my way to bear I don't know what was that all I was on my way to the to the your professional bull riders yesterday to go out and and do some announcing at the gold one center which by the way may I just start on a positive note great event wonderful event it really was a wonderful event I want to thank everyone who was out there Matt west in the announcer just everyone for the a great time thank you but I was on my way out there and my phone just starts blowing up man like what the heck is going on you know you drive down the road but it's Bluetooth on on the message like with some start to listen these text messages and I'm hearing this Kobe Bryant's Dublin what's it was a very surreal like Kobe dies in you know I'm trying to be a good driver and I'm not trying to pay attention to my phone too much as I'm driving down the road so I wait till I get out to the parking garage there to check it out while everyone's contacted yeah I contacted me including Kendall the my producer regarding this helicopter crash this is what Kobe Bryant what what ends as a reading further it turns out there was it was it just wasn't as Kobe Bryant there were several others on this helicopter went down in bad weather poor weather conditions and it was just really was very somber for a little bit out at the PBR you can imagine then there then that people were talking about it out there and and I figure you know we we can talk about this crash what happened because I know there's a lot of people with me just happened yesterday and I know that people have a lot of thoughts on this so we can kind of just open up the phone lines if you like but I do have a lot I want to say about I got to know Kobe is is telling Katie I get to know Kobe as a reporter as a guy who would go out to the into arco arena for years in the end the interview these players so you don't you don't I should take about I take about you don't really get to know the players you interview the players and that's essentially what it is here on this show we try to have a conversation there you do try to have a conversation but it's generally instruments conversation slash interview but I always found the man in that setting to be very pleasant he had no issue at least while I was there in the times that I was there to interview him he had no issues what so ever being interviewed he was friendly with a medium like some folks who are a new in sports who aren't so friendly with the media but he always was I remember him and Wayman Tisdale the king's women no matter how many times a king's lost they lose lose lose lose lose you walk into the locker room the women to is there always are the biggest smile on his face Wes is our is passed on to what a shame and now Kobe who sure he had a point as life where he made news for the wrong reasons but you know in reading that and people that want to point that out you have to understand and I in sure you do there we all make mistakes analyze role we have something there they were kind of a shame that we wish we had that done we wish we could take it back I can't speak for the man but the fact is we're not going to focus on that what I'd like to do is take your phone calls and remember a couple of moments one in particular that I remember from Kobe Bryant's career but what I'd also like to do is talk about the other people that were on this helicopter you know when you watch is when you watch Kobe's post game interviews like after the NBA finals when they were winning titles and the I a I was just watching him one today where he had both of his little girls I remember that both his girls were very young at the time and had a balled up there with him as he was conducting the the interview the postgame interview and they're in sitting there laughing and enjoying and Yakin it up and have a good time with dad who is really trying to be a good dad in this situation and it was some things about it where he and his wife had a pact that they would never fly together in a helicopter we have audio I don't know if they've been playing this or not or if you've heard of but there is audio control tower audio when they're talking to Toby and he's flying and that the pilot is flying his personal pilot flying in this terrible weather so I have some of that audio for you that maybe we'll get into that and just talk about this but I do want to talk about the other because it wasn't just Kobe was daughter it was a baseball coach there are moms and dads and other people in this tragic crash yesterday so we'll do that we'll take phone calls if there's if you want to talk about this let me give you the phone number nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty toll free for you tonight one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty do have a couple of guests coming in the studio in eight o'clock hour briefly and and some vintage interviews that I think are going to be very interesting very enlightening that I can't wait to play for you will do all of that straight ahead this is the Monday night Pat wall so traffic reports every ten.

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