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Jo Jo News Radio, five pressure lock of boys sacked in the backfield and fumbles the football. The ball bounces around, stooped up by the Steelers, and that's gonna be the first turnover of the game. Scooped up by Mike Hilton, the nickel back Block stepped out of a would be tackled but lost his footing and then had the ball knocked out of his hands in Pittsburgh will have the game's first turnover. Shotgun time for Bristol, the backup quarterback takes the snap looks left throws one wide open receiver catch into the end zone. Down Denver That's Noah fans a touchdown strike from Jeff Crystal of 20 yards to Noah fan. Let's all the way through school pocket floats. One of these that Gordon in the end zone. Gordon goes up makes the catch and he's got a Denver touchdown Gordon out of the backfield, the little wheel route and a nice stroll by Jeff Driskel. Gordon that time. Vince Williams, one of the inside linebacker, 16 yards on the touchdown, throw and catch Gordon to the right briskly to Patrick in fan, right. Hamilton from slot left emotion. Driscoll will be hit and sacked back 25 yards. That is the Seventh sack of the game by the Pittsburgh Steelers again. I will say this from a schematic standpoint, not all of those on the offensive line right that that was a sack. That was completely completely unblocked. It was Caroline Caroline. Nobody touched him. They go and the Denver Broncos take it on the chin in Pittsburgh, lose to the Steelers 26 2 21, But when you use the word lose, um it could be taken in a number of different ways. You lose your star wide receiver Courtland Sutton For the year you lose drew lock for 3 to 5 weeks. And those are just.

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