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It Hyundai it's now possible to have the test drive come to you wherever you want we called flexible test drive and is just one part of our all new shopper assurance program designed to save you time hassle and had a car buying made easy it's possible with Hyundai shoppers your test drive so to do a personal vehicle availability see participating Hyundai dealers are on the USA dot com slash shopper Sharon for full terms conditions this is mark Murphy and you're listening to a clip from my podcast food three sixty presented by lactaid milk I always tell people season your stick the way you normally what then do it again and then cook it and I know it makes me very nervous to see professional cooks seasoning food my mother what's interesting about my mother and I is although she's a great cook we actually don't cook together because we have these arguments because I guess I have like a professional perspective and she's a great cook but you know she comes from that sort of eighties cooking mentality like salt at the devil and understandably if you are predisposed to heart disease high cholesterol those things but most people are very afraid in their food but then I'll go to restaurants and wonder why the food is like so good if you're like me you love cooking with using a hundred percent real farm fresh lactaid milk in your recipes gives you all the goodness of milk just without the lactose so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive to moments and try lactaid I cast the Big Boy in case you haven't heard my main J. cruel has officially made the move to real ninety two three weekday afternoons ninety two three alleys new home real nice you three our real three festering legal authority phase little baby and many many more who have yet to get that real street fashion dot com and we do have an in the neighborhood every hour yeah and it doesn't stop the only time I take is manned the biggest and most amazing music event of the year that's right we want to see you at our I heart radio music festival that's right he returned the.

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