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Okay. Here's how you got to flip the guys had one year a defensive end from wide receiver and he already put together production for you. Number two he's going to get better he's going to get more skilled with more times, his hands, GonNa get better. He's GONNA learn how to attack the edge a little bit better. At Greasy, edge I I didn't think he was sought after he was kind of finesse but I didn't think he was soft and there's a big difference I think he has some dog. Mentality inside him because I could see him take on double teams. He's just not a big burly guy and has got to learn to to bend better but I didn't think he was soft but I don't know. But this is all I got bucky. This is all I got Caleb Farley cornerback for for Virginia Tech I'm like man Kayla Farley gets lost in coverage from off coverage, but I like them from press, but he only pressed twenty-seven percent of the time according to pro football folks as alignment numbers. So I only press twenty seven. Twenty seven percent of the time I liked what I saw when he pressed, I love the the size I love the makeup speed but the tape was a little bit on even. In. The Saint and I'm GonNa tell you something that essentially the same guy that was beating upper. So He told me I needed to be careful about beating Farley because he only had two years at cornerback. He was a quarterback in high school. So there's kind of some of the inconsistency of an NFL guy saying I don't care you know You gotTA give this corner more time to learn a position. He's only had two years, but he didn't extend the same courtesy if you will to resolve. So it's it's tough, but it's tough to use this on these projecting two year guys who are changing positions. So so is the challenge, right? So first about the Russo thing. So think is a little concern only because like that's not. A typical transition that you see, you don't see guys that go from being wide receivers to pass rushers, and so we talk about his game being finessed but the thing that we're really reveal who he is, how does he handle the run game at him when they line up and put the tie in Adam and sometimes in the college tape to see them ladder, put a knit overtop and run. Right Adam, how's he going to do dillon with George? Qudos, how's he gonNA do with the Laremy Tunsil that are gonna be tried to to find it. I couldn't find in college right so so you won't see that also when you move get inside and you're moving them around to allow them to use his speed and quickness like this. Great. But as the scout you've got to. Figure out. Well, how much of that is transferable Kenny do that into big boy game Kenny, go down inside and do those same things. I just don't know because man when you get down there you dealing with the monsters like it. You don't like to put guys down to if they don't like to Kinda, get into Briar Patch when it comes to those guys with Caleb Farley. You never scout the helmet, but here's what I will tell you about. Virginia Tech and Virginia corners. Virginia. Tech is a under bud foster heavy blitz system. The ball has to come out typically Virginia Tech their corners do not have to cover for a long time. They've had a lot of corners that have come out of there..

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