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Copa. Get to find out at least some of the results there. I i do and the studies that are coming out. It's interesting data. Gotta go back to the beginning though. What are we actually talking about program. If folks are interested in learning more about my fellow saint. Certainly the mindfulness in the classroom book. Recently come out you can. You can pick it up everywhere i know. I got my copy on amazon. If folks are interested in learning more. About mindfulness the resources or do you have a email address or you know or of your lab or anything where people could could gather more information. While a lot of things. I'm going to mention are actually in the book. I'm going gonna say i think i think the good book for if you're to ostrom if kids who are struggling. I think it's a very good book that if you on amazon if you are publicist says you should leave review. That'd be helpful appreciate that all. We'll shameless plug their. They got my email. Address is a j. season. Charles feldman f. as in frank l. reasons victory are asked why are dot. Edu a lot of the work that we do have to at least one year. is on my website. Which if you will search for mind body laboratory their accuse it will pop out actually just remember mine bio laboratory. It should be one on the first page somewhere. Yeah other resources to check out for researcher. The american phone's research association wonderful resource in a few large groups around the country. That are doing really cutting edge research and have a lot of resources on their websites other. I would just checking out. The work done at university at madison. Are university wisconsin. Madison wrote a lot of excellent research. The university of california san diego website have great stuff on there including downloadable practices materials type in ucsd. Mindfulness that comes up colleagues. Done at university of virginia penn state. Ucla name if you are.

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