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Well. We'll have to see. Yeah, somebody got paid, man. And those Twilight and none of it went to job blow art guy who made an arrow in city game, right? Is insane amount of money. It's just crazy all these. I had forgotten that Bethesda cost half of that. That's a mind-blowing. I don't even know what FarmVille is. If somebody came to me and said, I don't know what Bethesda is, or I don't know what Skyrim is. I'd punch him in the mouth. I'd be like, of course you do, quit being a jackass, but I firmly believe that you didn't. And yet half that. That's where microtransactions are making bank that we're not somehow it doesn't feel like it's always being tracked. And I mean, we all know people are finding ways to not track it. I'm not pretending like it's a brand new. Go ahead. No, I mean, that's why you've heard so many developers over the past 6, 7 years, talk about mobile gaming. I mean, you had like 5 years ago, Peter Molyneux of all people talking about how mobile gaming was everything now, because now when you put out like a mobile game, more people would play that than had ever played all of his previous bullfrog and lionhead games combined. Yeah. Yeah. And they raised a bunch of money silver with the NFT. Did you hear about that? Peter Molyneux. He did. And they banked. I bet you. Virtual land sales. Virtual life. I bet you he's walking away from that right now completely 10 billion times better than he would have ever been being like the head of Microsoft games and or even lionhead or anything like that. It's ridiculous. They made a good amount of money. These NFT things, I'm gonna sell ACG land. And just be like, there's a game coming in the future at some particular point. I've got one developer working on it using blueprints on unreal and and it's only working on the website and on the website to sell it. Dude, there's so it's amazing and there's a lot of people making bank, man. A lot of people making bank from it. It's just so I was looking at the same time at development data from singer and I mean, if the trend continues, I can see it because it's going up like 50% of revenue each year. Oh, is it? Yeah. Well, did you say 55? What the hell? Well, you know, phone any more powerful does help to Johnny. When you get a more powerful phone and you can jump in there, there is disgusting though. It's 2018, 0.9 billion, 2019, 1.2 billion. Hey, guys. 22 billion. Paul M brings something interesting up. He says the zenga acquisition is probably something to do with the metaverse. That is probably true. Some kind of, I mean, they're all going to do this metaverse bullshit where like you pretend it's one verse. Did you see it, by the way, is that the Second Life founder was we did that..

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